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Release RoundUp: Sugar 9.3 (Winter ‘20)

by Roxana Rangu on February 6, 2020

7 minute read

The latest release of Sugar, known as Sugar 9.3 or Winter ‘20 is a Sugar Cloud release that has several awesome updates. Please note that On-Premise customers must wait until Sugar 10.0 (Spring '20) to obtain the feature enhancements provided in this release. 

Feature RoundUp

The Winter '20 release features a brand new renewals console, improved email bot click detection for marketing efficiency, renewal rates for recurring products, and optimized first-response resolution rates inside customer support centers.

The biggest new features in Sugar 9.3 are:

  • Sugar Market: Email Bot Click Remediation Capability
  • Sugar Sell
    • Duration-Based Products
    • New Renewals Console 
    • New Active Subscriptions Dashlet
  • Sugar Serve
    • First Response SLA Reports
    • Time Tracking Capabilities
  • Tagging on Sugar Mobile

Alright, let's go through these, one by one!

Sugar Market

Sugar Winter ‘20 brings a Bot Click Improved Capability that makes sure that all marketing responses that we get are accurate. 

Advanced Analytics in Sugar Market

We’ve all dealt with responses to our marketing campaigns or emails that did not come from our aimed customers but from non-human items like bots that are nor a real response to our marketing message. Now, whenever a marketing campaign is sent out and whenever a potential client clicks on your landing page, the improved bot click detention algorithm will automatically remove the bot-like responses from the marketing funnel and make sure that you only get the human interactions. 

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell comes with a set of revolutionary new features that focus on automatically building long-term relationships with your clients. 

Duration-Based Products

You can now add new service products or other duration-based products in your Product Catalogue. These products, such as subscriptions or services, have defined start and end dates, which can be added to Opportunities and Quotes with only one click, making it much easier to sell duration-based services.

Duration-Based Products screenshot in SugarCRM

Sugar Sell now automates the renewal process, so every time you close an opportunity that includes a renewable service, Sugar Sell will automatically create a new Opportunity for this renewal. 

Renewals Console Dashboard 

It’s never been easier to manage your opportunities and accounts. The console is easy to configure so that it displays the user’s preferences in the renewal pipeline. 

Renewals Console in SugarCRM

The Overview tab contains all your data colorfully displayed intro charts to give you a clear view and help you plan your activities. The Opportunities tab showcases your opportunities sorted by the expected close date with overdue opportunities shown first while the Accounts tab displays your accounts sorted by the date of your next renewal.

Active Subscriptions Dashlet

This new dashlet is meant to help you manage your subscription-based business more easily. 

Active Subscription Dashlet in Sugar Market

It can be added to the Account record view dashboard and it will show you all of the products that your customers actively subscribe to, the duration of each subscription and its start and end dates.

Sugar Serve

The Winter release of Sugar Serve brings several new features and focuses on functionality to monitor SLA metrics allowing users to determine time spent by users working on cases by tracking the time spent in each status by each case.

First Response SLA Reports

A new feature available with this release is the First Response SLA Reporting, meaning that based on SugarBPM processes, users can now track first responses and see if the SLA was met. 

SugarBPM processes in Sugar Serve

New Notifications are also available in this update for Portal Registration and whenever a new note is added to a case. Whenever a new portal user is created, the owner or primary contact is informed through an email, or the note description gets updated if no primary contact is provided.

Portal Registration in Sugar Serve

Time Tracking

Ten new fields and nine new stock reports have been added to help customer service organizations optimize case workloads and manage resolution SLAs. 

Time tracking fields

These new fields track trends in first response SLAs and case resolution time, using both calendar hours and business hours. 

Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise/Professional now allow users to edit a record when previewing it from a related-records subpanel. All you have to do is click on the Pen icon in the upper right corner and edit the record’s fields without actually opening it in Record View, and then Save as you normally would.

Preview Subpanel in Sugar Sell, Serve and Enterprise

Sugar Mobile

Last but certainly not least, new updates have been made to Sugar Mobile to allow viewing, adding or removing tags in the system.

Sugar Mobile animation on iPhone

You can create tags for a specific interest, and filter by tags in Global Search. Just tap a record’s tag in detail view to see a list of all Sugar records labeled with that tag.

Concluding Thoughts

That was our release RoundUp of Sugar 9.3. but that’s certainly not all there is to it. To stay up to date with all releases of SugarCRM, sign up for our newsletter below.