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Release RoundUp: Sugar 9.2

by Roxana Rangu on November 12, 2019

7 minute read

The latest Sugar release, Fall ‘19 or 9.2, is a cloud-only update and comes with a ton of great new features and capabilities for sales, marketing, and support teams. Keep reading (or watch the video below) for the sweet details!

Feature RoundUp

As you probably know by now, SugarCRM released three new products known as Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve. For the uninitiated, Sugar Market (formerly known as Salesfusion) is Sugar’s new marketing automation product while Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve take the existing Sugar CRM solution and break it up into two platforms. This ensures that SugarCRM continues to develop exciting new features for sales and service teams, and allows organizations to set up exclusive tools for each team, customized to their needs. 

The biggest new features in Sugar 9.2 include:

  • Sugar Market: CRM Synchronization Dashboard
  • Sugar Sell: Business Centers
  • Sugar Serve: Sugar Serve Portal
  • Sugar Cloud: Sugar Cloud Insights Console
  • Sugar Enterprise: Portal Configuration Options and more!
  • Sugar Mobile: The Comments Log Field Type

Alright, let's go through these, one by one!

Sugar Market: The CRM Synchronization Dashboard

A great new addition to Sugar Market is the CRM Synchronization Dashboard. We all know how important it is for our marketing and sales teams to be aligned and perfectly synchronized. Thankfully, Sugar thought about that and now you can have lead information easily shared between sales and marketing. 

two people cheering

The sales team can now follow up in a timely manner and marketers can better understand and identify prospects’ behavior. 

The CRM Synchronization Dashboard in Sugar Market

Sugar Sell: Business Centers

Business Centers, were introduced in Sugar Summer ‘19 and ensure that your leads and customers receive the attention they deserve. With the Fall ‘19 release, relationships to the Business Centers module have been added to Contacts, Leads, and Users, allowing business hour calculations to be leveraged in sales-focused SugarBPM processes.

Business Centers in Sugar Sell screenshot

Associating leads with Business Centers improves lead follow-up and conversion rates and Sugar offers this feature as part of Sugar Sell Fall '19.

Sugar Serve: Support Portal

The new Sugar Serve portal brings several important benefits. For starters, it enables your customers to find answers for their issues by searching for solutions within your knowledge base. This comes in handy in a busy environment, since they can efficiently resolve different situations by themselves before opening up a case or contacting you.

Sugar Serve Support Portal Screenshot

Users can access the portal by can simply signing up for an account, and choose their username and password, as well as providing their company’s name. 

Another nice-to-have feature is that Portal users can preview a record directly from the module's list view by clicking the Preview button to the far right of each record's row. Talk about a great self-service experience!

Knowledge base in Sugar Serve screenshot

Sugar Cloud Insights Console

The Sugar Cloud Insights Console provides instant visibility in the status of your On-Demand Sugar deployment, allowing you to quickly see important information at-a-glance.

Sugar Cloud Insights Console

Admins have quick access to metrics like license usage or storage capacity. Another new feature is the added notifications. Admins can now set up notifications as they see fit, and be notified whenever they are approaching a limit. 

Portal Configuration Options

There are new portal configuration options that have been released for Sugar Enterprise.

Portal Configuration Options for Sugar Enterprise

Administrators now have additional Portal configuration options, such as the ability to control which modules appear in the portal's navigation bar, the ability to change the image that appears on the upper left of the portal screen, which company information to display and the ability to view and mass update the License Type field on users in the Users list view.

The Comments Log Field Type

The Comments Log Field Type was a highly requested customization mainly because employees often have conversations with each other about customers or prospects and that information likely never makes it to Sugar.

Incoming messages gif

The Comments Log Field was fist introduced in the Sugar Winter ‘19 release and with the latest update, it is now available in Sugar Mobile as well, making it easier for Sugar users to keep a log of comments on any record - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The comments log field on Sugar Mobile graphics

Simply add a comment and tag someone from your team if you want to notify them on your message. Keep in mind though that once saved, entries cannot be edited or removed. 

Concluding Thoughts

That’s our RoundUp of Sugar 9.2, but that’s certainly not all there is to it. To stay up to date with all releases of SugarCRM, sign up for our newsletter below.

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