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Release RoundUp: Sugar 9.1

by Katie Liesmann on August 9, 2019

6 minute read

The latest release of SugarCRM is Sugar 9.1, also known as Summer ‘19. This summer release is jam-packed with great new features, and an exciting new product launch. Keep reading (or watch the video below) for the sweet details.

New Products from SugarCRM

The biggest news from this release is that SugarCRM has launched three new products: Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market. Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell contain the functionality you know from Sugar Professional/Enterprise, but are designed to make your service and sales team more efficient by providing them with customized platforms that integrate together. Sugar Market, formerly known as Salesfusion, is SugarCRM’s new all-in-one marketing automation tool. These new tools are now available to new customers, and existing customers of Sugar Professional or Enterprise can migrate to Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve (but will not be obligated to).

For more info on “The New Sugar” check out our recent blog post

Feature RoundUp

  • Tile View
  • User License Type Field
  • New Date Resolved Field on Cases
  • Email Module Filters
  • Updates to Sharing List View Dashlets
  • Changes to Comment Log
  • Advancements in SugarBPM
  • SugarCloud Insights

Tile View

Tile View is a new view in Sugar list view that you can use to view and manage Opportunities, Cases and Tasks. The view allows you to drag and drop records between different groups, such as dragging an Opportunity between sales stages or expected close months. 

While there are several out-of-the-box views configured, your admin can also create custom tile view options within Studio.

User License Type Field

User records now feature a new field called “User License Type”. This field allows the admin of your Sugar instance to select which SugarCRM products each user has access to. This is necessary with the release of Sugar Serve and Sell, because if you decide to purchase multiple Sugar products you’ll need to assign license types to each user. You can multi-select products to give the user access to multiple products.

Date Resolved Field

The cases module has a new field called “Date Resolved”. This field stores the date and time that a case is resolved. This is handy for use in SugarBPM (formerly known as advanced workflows) and could be used in a calculated field to track how long it takes to close cases. This field is part of a series of updates meant to create better ways for customer service teams to meet customer expectations (such as a Service Level Agreement).

Email Module Filters

The Email module has some newly added fields to filter on from List View. When you create a new filter, you will now see that the options to filter on include the ability to filter on who the email was sent from, sent to, and who was CCd/BCCd. 

Updates to Sharing List View Dashlets

Previously, if you shared a list view dashlet with someone, any applied filters you created would not transfer to the other user and they would have to recreate them in their own login. This is a hindrance that would slow down any new user, so now in Sugar 9.1, when you share a List View Dashlet, all your settings, including filters, will be shared also. 

Changes to Comment Log

Fans of the Comment Log will be excited about three small updates to the field type: 

      1) Ability to use the “@” symbol to tag other users in a Comment Log field


      2) Ability to paste links into the Comment Log field and have them save as a clickable link within the record.    


      3 )Ability to insert links to other Sugar records in the shape of a small button.


Advancements in SugarBPM

In Sugar 9.1 the improvements to SugarBPM revolve around the emails. The emails module is now available as a target module when you are creating process definitions in Sugar BPM (formerly known as Advanced Workflows). 

When you are using SugarBPM processes to send an email, you can now figure the “from” user. This can either by a static user to send emails from or you can configure a variable to have it be dependent on another factor, such as the assigned to field. This new ability will create a more personalized feel since emails will look like they came directly from the sender. And all the replies will go to the senders inbox, the logical place for the user to respond from. 

SugarCloud Insights

Sugar is concerned with improving experiences for every user, and that includes the admin. With SugarCloud Insights, they are building better ways to access administrative data. This new panel provides admin-only access to view license usage and storage space usage. It also provides an easy way to download error and access logs.

Concluding Thoughts

That’s our RoundUp of Sugar 9.1, but that’s certainly not all there is to it. Check out the full release notes on our website to see what’s new for Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve.

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