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Release RoundUp: Sugar 8.1

by Katie Liesmann on July 10, 2018

6 minute read

The latest release of Sugar, Sugar 8.1 or Summer ‘18 is a cloud-only release that has some awesome updates. Here’s our Release RoundUp for Sugar 8.1!

Feature RoundUp

The biggest new features in Sugar 8.1 include:

  • Updated login screen
  • Emoji support
  • Support for double opt-ins
  • New standard reports
  • New Report Schedules module
  • Advanced Workflow update

These features were driven by a focus on collaboration, user experience, and data privacy. Please note this release is On-Demand only. On-premise users of SugarCRM will have access to these features with Sugar 9 in 2019 (there is one exception--see “Emoji Support” below).

Updated Login Screen

A simple update, the redesigned login screen is a noticeable change that will help you be more connected with SugarCRM. The new login screen features dynamic content from SugarCRM, such as company news, feature highlights, and upcoming events and training.

If you wish to turn off the content from Sugar, an admin can do so by going to “Admin”, then “System Settings “, and then click to toggle the “Enable additional login screen content.” checkbox. Please note, this feature will be turned off upon upgrade for all organizations who have a customized login screen.

Emoji Support

This newest feature has everyone sending out heart faced smileys and thumbs up emojis! Sugar 8.1 now supports the same emojis you see on your phone and social media. Now you can archive emails with emojis and enter emojis into your notes with ease!

Good news for on-premise users: Sugar is planning on creating a patch for Sugar 8.0. So, if you’re dying to get emojis supported on your instance of Sugar (we know it’s not that serious--but we like to make CRM fun) keep an eye out for patch announcements. The patch would allow you to get support for emojis without having to wait for Sugar 9.

Added Data Privacy Support with Double Opt-In

SugarCRM is continuing to help you stay on top of GDPR regulations with more enhancements to its data privacy features. This time SugarCRM has added support for double opt-in. Email addresses now feature a button that allows you to generate a confirmation link URL. This confirmation URL will track the confirmation request from the time you click the button the time the person double opts-in. It can be manually dropped into an email or SMS to confirm that someone wants to receive communications from you.

When a user clicks this link, it records in Sugar that they have confirmed they'd like to receive communications from you, and they'll be taken to a screen that displays this message:

Another update to data privacy modules is that the erasure feature will also now delete data in the Activity Stream, further supporting “right to erasure”. All deleted sensitive data will be replaced with "Value Erased" within the Activity Stream.

New Standard Reports

SugarCRM has added almost 70 new reports to the list of standard reports included out-of-the-box with Sugar, and 60 of these include charts you can display in Dashlets.  This gives you a lot more reporting content to work with to display on dashboards, or to use as a starting place to modify for creating your own reports. Some of our favorite new reports include:

  • Pipeline by User
  • Open Opportunities by Type by Expected Close Month
  • List of Leads with No Consent
  • Bugs by Product Category by Status
  • Cases with No calls, Meetings, Tasks, or Emails
  • Opportunites with No Calls, Meetings, Tasks, or Emails
  • Open Quotes Expiring This Month
  • Leads Converted - Lost by Month
  • Top Grossing Products This Year

New Reports Schedules Module

Sugar 8.1 includes a new Report Schedules Module which has been updated to use the intelligence pane (the panel on the right side of the screen). The Report Schedules Module can be accessed by clicking on the Reports tab in your navigation bar, and then clicking "Report Schedules". 

One thing to note is that the new scheduled report PDFs no longer includes chart images. To access these you will need to refer to the reports inside Sugar--the charts are only tabular data (the granular data in the tables).

Advanced Workflows Update

Warning--this update gets a little nerdy. There are several updates to Advanced Workflows. These include:

  • export and import of Advanced Workflow components
  • start event support for "any" and "all" records
  • ability to incorporate human actions in event-based processes

You can now build process definitions, email templates, and business rules in a testing environment and use an importer to import them into your production instance. This is important because it makes life easier for your partner, IT team, or admin to thoroughly test new process definitions without having to spend the time to rebuild them in both instances. Yay for faster imports and exports!

Another new feature in the Advanced Workflows update is that you can now trigger an event based on "any" or "all" records meeting certain criteria. Here are a couple examples of using this:

  • trigger an email to go out to an Account Manager once all Cases related to an account are closed
  • trigger a status field on the Account Record to change when all related Opportunities are closed
  • trigger a new Task to be created when any new Case is created

You can also now incorporate human activity into your event-based workflows. This allows you to create gateways (or splits in the workflow) that would cause a workflow to go down one path if a criterion has been met, or another if it hasn’t. These criteria can include whether a form activity has been completed before a condition has been met, or within a set period of time. In the workflow below, if a quote isn't approved within two hours, an escalation email is sent to the regional VP.

So...What’s Next?

This release is specific to On-Demand users of Sugar. On-Demand organizations will get notification emails when their upgrade has been scheduled by SugarCRM. If you have a sandbox you’d like to get upgraded for testing, go ahead and submit a support request to Sugar now to get that started! If you have customizations on your instance of Sugar, reach out to W-Systems to schedule a health check to determine if your customizations will need to be updated and ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

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