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View and Manage Contact Relationships in wMobile Phone

by Ionut Tufis on June 19, 2018

3 minute read

With the upgrade to 4.0, wMobile Phone now has the option to view and manage contact relationships.
Relationship Trees are useful to see the relationships between different contact records and organizations. It also provides a quick navigation method between those records.
To see Relationships page, you need to navigate to a contact and look for the ‘Relationships’ option on the menu:

wMobile Phone Relationships

The ‘Relationships’ menu command can be hidden or the label can be changed by an Administrator from Manager Console(Configuration -> Phone -> Contacts -> RelatedViews -> Relationships):

wMobile Relationships: Manager Console

In the Relationships page you can start by creating a new relationship tree or you can see and manage the existing ones.

wMobile Relationships: New Relationship Tree

If you press on ‘New Relationship Tree’, you will be redirected to the ‘Add Relationship’ page. Typically, new Relationship Trees are started on the current contact and company:

wMobile Relationships: Save

You can change the linked contact or the default name and then click ‘Save’ to create the tree root.

All the relationships linked to the selected contact will be displayed as an accordion tree:

wMobile Relationships: Tree

When you tap on an item in the tree, all the sub-items will be expanded/collapsed. The highlighted item will have in the right side a menu with all the available options.

Available options for the root items and sections are:

wMobile Relationships: Options

  • Go to contact (only if the item is linked to a contact): You will be redirected to the linked contact page.
  • New Section/New Contact: You will add a new record under the highlighted item. In the picture below, a new contact, ‘Test Contact’, will be added in the tree, under ‘Marketing’ section.

wMobile Relationships: Add Contact

  • Edit: Click on this menu item to edit the highlighted relationship:

wMobile Relationships: Edit

  • Delete: This option will delete the highlighted relationship and all the sub-items. If a user does not have the ‘Delete’ permission on the Access tab of the GoldMine user settings, this menu item will not be available.

If the highlighted item is a contact, it will not be possible to add a new contact or a new section under it, but there will be a new menu option: ‘Send Email’. This option is visible only if the highlighted contact has an email address.

wMobile Relationships: Send Email

This blog topic is applicable to wMobile Phone and above.