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Relationship Analytics in Sugar with TrustSphere and Riva CRM Integration

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on February 24, 2016

7 minute read

On February 23rd, we had a special webinar with CEO of Riva CRM Integration, Aldo Zanoni and Brian Lebahn, GM/SVP Americas of TrustSphere.

Customer information systems have come a long way - CRMs like Sugar can now house previously unimaginable amounts of data for companies of all shapes and sizes.

But how do we reliably get current data in, and relevant insights out, within our already crowded sales, service, and support processes? 

Thank you to everyone who joined this webinar. Below is the video recording from the meeting, slide deck as well as questions & answers.

Still have more questions about Sugar, Riva CRM Integration, TrustSphere or relationship analytics? Feel free to reach out to our team here or sign up to get a private demo and we’ll be happy to answer!


In this webinar we covered how Sugar users can:

  • Gain perspective: Quickly combine and cross-reference relationship data points to gain perspective.
  • Make cold calls warm: Identify the best path to a prospect by leveraging existing connections within your organization.
  • Enable sales teams with current 360-degree views of the communication flow between various parts of your company and your customers.
  • Overcome incomplete/poor CRM data quality with the ability to automatically populate CRM contacts and activities.
  • Discover relevant contact and relationship information directly within Outlook or IBM Notes with TrustSphere and Riva's brand new integration.

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Does TrustSphere work with Office 365?

Yes – we work with the major email players, MS, Google, IBM Notes/Verse, etc.

Can I customize the TrustSphere fields I can see within my Sugar Dashboard?

Yes, one of the strengths of the Sugar Platform is the flexibility, and the TrustSphere fields/widgets share that as well.

Can we use Riva Insight for LinksWithin or TrustView if we’re not a TrustSphere customer?

TrustSphere LinksWithin and/or TrustView must be in place in order for Riva Insight to surface that information in your Office 365 Web App, Outlook, or IBM Notes email client.

Are LinksWithin and TrustView available through any other Outlook plug-ins?

Riva is the first company to expose TrustSphere LinksWithin and TrustView directly within an email client.

Why is it important to be able to see the LinksWithin data in Outlook?

While TrustSphere LinksWithin and TrustView data is available in the Sugar Web App, research shows that team members spend much more time in their email client  - on average up to 4-6 hours a day. If CRM and relationship analytics data are not immediately available where team members are spending their time – easy to view and available in a single click – chances are customer-facing teams will be less likely to take the time to track that information down. 

Riva Insight for TrustSphere LinksWithin and TrustView makes it easy for teams to access the relevant data they need to elevate customer interactions from good to great – without ever leaving their email client.

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