RegOnline Event Software Integration with SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on December 7, 2012

I’ve used a few event registration platforms in the past such as Eventbrite, Evite, and RegOnline. Whether the event was a company holiday party or a seminar, all of the event platforms seemed to do the trick. I could send out a great looking invitation, track registration, and manage my payments through these platforms. The only downside when managing events with leads and customers, was that the data was only visible through my registration platform, which is typically only managed by the marketing team.

One of W-Systemss non-profit customers hosts dozens of events each year through RegOnline. Our customer needed to have visibility into which leads and customers were attending events. For example, they needed to see all of the events a customer has attended, how much they paid for those events, attendance status, and the amount in won opportunities resulting from each event. W-Systems integrated our customer’s RegOnline account with their SugarCRM system to enable this transparency. Now when an event is created in RegOnline, it is created in a custom Events module in SugarCRM. When a person completes the RegOnline form, an order is created in Sugar, and they are entered as a contact in SugarCRM and related to the event in the Events module. If the person already exists in the CRM system, that person is just related to the event instead of being duplicated. Because events are now being stored and related to Contacts in Sugar, our customer can easily run reports on the effectiveness of each event.

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