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Reduce Time & Automate Anything in Sugar with Custom Buttons

by Roxana Rangu on September 24, 2020

4 minute read

Want to learn how to spend less time on your daily activities and easily run complex processes in Sugar with the click of a button?
In this webinar,  we showcased how to perform multiple actions in Sugar with Custom Buttons.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about our Custom Buttons, please feel free to contact us.

What are Custom Buttons?

The W-Systems Custom Buttons are a field type which can be used to add buttons in dashlets, list, and record view.

Custom Buttons can be used to:

  • Create shortcuts to your most frequently used Sugar functions
  • Run multiple actions in Sugar with a single click
  • Trigger scheduled processes or SugarBPM processes
  • ...and more!

Reduce Time & Automate Anything in Sugar with Custom Buttons

Reduce Time & Automate Anything in Sugar with Custom Buttons Q&A

Can a button automate the application of a filter in a list view?

Unfortunately, they currently cannot, but we will look into possible solutions.

Sugar has quarterly and annual upgrades. Is this upgrade-safe?

Yes. We take on the responsibility of making sure that all of our commercial products, including Custom Buttons, work on all supported versions of Sugar.

Can the Custom Buttons be role-based?

Yes. Custom Buttons are fields that you can apply to any layout, including your role-based ones.

Where can the buttons be placed?

The buttons can be placed anywhere in the Record View, not just at the top of the screen. They can also be displayed in List View in a record’s row.

Can the website action be used to launch a Trello board or a Slack channel related to a specific account?

Absolutely! So long as you have a URL field that includes your Trello board link, you can have a button that redirects to Trello.

If you use Slack, we now have a dedicated Slack integration to Sugar.

Do the Custom Buttons work in the Projects module?

The Projects module is in the legacy mode and it’s using the old Sugar UI, while we built Custom Buttons with the new UI in mind.

Can the workflows trigger process definitions?

Absolutely, that’s a great use case for it. Frequent use of the button is to give the user the ability to trigger a SugarBPM process. You can create a button that toggles a field which in turn, starts off the SugarBPM process.

Can I know who clicked on a specific button?

We don’t have any specific audit trails, but if you wanted to audit an action, one of the steps would be to log something in Sugar, like a task, and assign it to the user who triggered the button.

What is the pricing for Custom Buttons?

If you are enrolled in our wCare program, which is our on-going service and support program, then these buttons are license-free. We have a User Guide on how to install and use Custom Buttons, but if you prefer, W-Systems also offers a service to install and configure these buttons.

If you are not enrolled in our wCare program, there is a small license fee to get started. If you’d like to discuss that and further details, contact us we can schedule a meeting.