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Record Typing over wMobile

by Andrei Voiculescu on March 4, 2015

6 minute read

A Record Type defines a “special” view of a contact and its related elements, according to a given Record Type Rule applied to the current contact.

The central point of the system is the Contact. A Record Type Rule is a function over a contact. After a rule is evaluated, the result is compared against the defined Record Types and if there is a match, its data is used to display the contact, otherwise the default record type is selected.

Each Record Type is based on view screens. A Record Type can be designed in GoldMine, as follows:


Record Type Name - The Name of the selected Record Type

Primary Fields View - The displayed screen when viewing a record.

Custom Screen - The displayed screen under Fields tab or an individual one

New Record Layout - The displayed screen when creating a new contact  


There are three options for a Record Type Rule:



Using the “Inactive” option means no rule will be applied. In this case wMobile will display automatically the Main View screen when viewing a record.  

Creating a new record will take into consideration the default Record Type (Prospect) and use the specified screen view, in this case MainView.


Using “dBase Expression result-based” means the current Record Type Rule will be evaluated and based on the expression criteria, the proper Record Type will be applied. In this example, Contact1.Key1 is used for the expression criteria to determine the Record Type. Simulating this on a contact with Key1 = “Prospect”, taking in consideration the dBase expression shown above, and based on the Prospect Record Type properties, wMobile will display as follows:

When Visiting a Contact:

When Creating a New One:

Using “Field value-based” option


In this case, when creating a new contact, one of three options can be used:

Use a default record type when creating new records:
wMobile will select the default Record Type and will use the screen view(s) configured for the default Record Type.

When creating new record, automatically use the current record type in view:
wMobile will determine the Record Type based on the Record Type field value of the last contact record viewed. Record Type is typically stored in the Record Type (key1) field, but it could be configured differently in your GoldMine, and the record type rules can be configured to use a different field. Based on the field values, the appropriate Record Types will be applied as in the example list below.

For this situation if the last visited contact has Key1= “Prospect”, wMobile will display PROSPECT Record Type on new contact.


Set record type manually when creating new records: 
No rules will be applied, the user can select which Record Type will be used.


Let us know if you have any questions about Record Typing in wMobile or any other general questions about wMobile by leaving us a message here. Have a suggestion for a blog post or a question you would like to see us answer? Let us know.