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Quickly Browsing Sub-Accounts in the Sugar’s List View

by Adam Chodoff on October 8, 2015

3 minute read

This nifty new addition to the wTools suite makes it easy to browse through an Account’s member organizations through the Sugar list view. If your Accounts are organized in a tree-like fashion, with many Accounts being subsidiary to other Accounts, then this add-on will make it much faster to navigate through them.

Suppose, for example, that an Account named Calib Systems Inc. has three sub-accounts: T-Squared Techs, Avery Software Co., and Cloud View Systems Inc. Normally, to see that these accounts are subsidiary to Calib Systems, you would either have to manually add a filter to your list view or go to Calib Systems' record view and open up the ‘Member Organizations’ subpanel:

Now, however, you can access this information very quickly right from the list view. The package adds a column named ‘Sub-Accounts’ which displays both the number of subsidiary accounts and a button labeled ‘View’:

Here we can clearly see that Calib Systems has three subsidiaries. Clicking ‘View’ will automatically add a filter to the list view to show us which accounts these are:

Clicking ‘Cancel’ on the filter actions will bring us right back to the list view we were on before.

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