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Sugar User Group: Building Reports

by Lydia Teffera on February 18, 2013

4 minute read

In January, W-Systems employees Amanda Anderson and Andy Hidalgo, hosted a Sugar User Group on building reports in SugarCRM. They covered the creation of reports, the different types of reports, and how to manage changes within them. The webcast ended with an open Q & A discussion with engineers Andy Hidalgo and Aaron Wine. Below are some of the questions and answers from the session.

Sugar User Group Q&A

Can every module be reported on?

Yes, as long as it’s a module you created in module builder or is a standard Sugar module.

Can you combine two Modules for a report?

Yes you can. You pick a module, and then all the modules associated with that original module will already be linked to it. Then you just pick what you want to set your criteria against and what you would like to display.

Is there any way to narrow the subfolders options? I know for each folder displayed there are multiple subfolders within the folders.

There is a way to narrow the field for each folder. This is done by unchecking the reportable box when editing a field in Studio. There is not a way to limit subfolders.

Is it possible to do something similar to an outer join on a report (not using advanced reporting)? Was the section where you showed clicking on the radio buttons similar? For example, is it possible to create a report showing deals with no tasks?

Yes, you can do add or joins, this can be found in the report details step. Once in this section, you will see an Optional Related Modules check box, there you can click the relation you would like.

I've had issues in the past trying to decide where to pull my email addresses from. There is a folder both in the contacts section and the accounts section that both include addresses. Which folder should I pull my emails from? And can I pull from both?

You can pull from both sections, however you need be careful exactly who’s email address you are trying reach. By going through the Contacts section you are pulling a specific individual’s email, and by going through the accounts section you are pulling the Account’s email.

So a sales admin can't schedule reports for the sales team?  They have to each schedule the report?

To schedule a report you must be logged in as that person. So if you need to schedule the report for someone else, you need to have their login access and be a user to receive the report via email.

Can you schedule for others to receive it as well - in addition to yourself?

As long as the individual is a user they can receive the email. However, there are specific third party tools or customizations that W-Systems can provide.

An account can have multiple emails. Can we restrict the output to display only one email?

When creating the report, by default, it only pulls in the primary email address from the Account.

Can I export data from a report to an excel spreadsheet?

Yes you can, but it has to be a rows and columns report, not a summation or matrix report.

Can I report on all activities associated with a record?

Out of the box, no you cannot. The problem is each activity is stored within its own module and we would need to write a union query. However, W-Systems can provide this solution.

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