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4 Great New Capabilities for Sugar

June 5, 2020   •   5 minute read

See 4 new Sugar enhancements in action that can help you automate and streamline processes, improve engagement, and integrate messaging.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use wTools

September 27, 2019   •   4 minute read

Are you a SugarCRM user? Find out why our wTools customizations will make your life much easier!

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15 Reasons for 15 Years: Why W-Systems Loves Sugar

June 18, 2019   •   6 minute read

Take a look below at 15 reasons why we love Sugar featuring employees from our sales, professional services, development, support, and marketing departments.

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Your Slam Dunk on User Adoption

April 3, 2019   •   6 minute read

If you're still a non-mobile Sugar user, now's the time to up your game! Find out how to increase user adoption and enrich data with SugarCRM Mobile.

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Sugar Showcase: How to Get 10 Sugar Customizations for Free

December 26, 2018   •   7 minute read

In this webinar, see how to go beyond Sugar’s out-of-the-box features and streamline your team’s daily CRM workflow with our collection of Sugar customizations.

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Create Note Function in List View

August 7, 2018   •   2 minute read

One of our Sugar add-ons from wTools enables you to create and attach notes to records from any module directly from List View.

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Custom Buttons

May 30, 2017   •   4 minute read

Custom Buttons, an addition to wTools, is a field type which can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view.

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The (Enhanced) Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet

March 23, 2017   •   3 minute read

The updated Drilldown Report Chart Dashlet facilitates navigating through charts by allowing users to click on any element of a chart to see their detailed data

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Embedded Content Field

February 14, 2017   •   4 minute read

The Embedded Content Field is a new addition to wTools, our library of Sugar Customizations that allows users to embed social media content to records.

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Custom Results per Module Dropdown

January 31, 2017   •   2 minute read

A recent addition to wTools is the Custom Results per Module Dropdown which allows you to control the number of records displayed in a list view.

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Colored Field in Sugar

November 3, 2016   •   3 minute read

The Colored Field functionality provides the ability to add background colors to fields.

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W-Systems User Utilities (Preference Cloning)

October 14, 2016   •   5 minute read

The W-Systems User Utilities is one of the Sugar customizations in the wTools package available for W-Systems customers or available by subscription.

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