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Exclusive W-Systems Chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton

March 12, 2020   •   4 minute read

Discover how SugarCRM’s recent product developments and its vision for the future of CX will benefit your business.

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Our 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020

January 22, 2020   •   4 minute read

It’s the new year and now is the perfect time to dive into our five favorite Sugar tools that will boost your sales in 2020.

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How to Close More Deals This Year: 5 Must-Have Tools

January 17, 2020   •   6 minute read

Discover the allies that we think you should include in your daily work routine to achieve your targets successfully.

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4 Reasons We Love Sugar Connect

November 5, 2019   •   4 minute read

Learn how to easily track and manage your Sugar activities and customer information right from G Suite or Office 365 with Sugar Connect.

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SugarConnection: The Exclusive Event for SugarCRM Customers

July 25, 2019   •   3 minute read

A preview of what to expect at SugarCRM's newly announced event of the year: SugarConnection.

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15 Reasons for 15 Years: Why W-Systems Loves Sugar

June 18, 2019   •   6 minute read

Take a look below at 15 reasons why we love Sugar featuring employees from our sales, professional services, development, support, and marketing departments.

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Why Your CRM is Essential to Data Collection

May 28, 2019   •   3 minute read

Is your customer interaction data spread across multiple platforms? Read our 4 reasons why you should centralize data in your CRM!

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Collabspot Connect Pro: Remove ‘Deal Slippage’ in Sugar

August 29, 2017   •   3 minute read

Sugar users can now utilize Collabspot Connect Pro to spot the signs of deal slippage early on so they can save time and update their pipeline accordingly.

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Collabspot - Sugar in Office 365

June 20, 2017   •   3 minute read

The Office 365 version of Collabspot offers the same core features as its Gmail counterpart, and lets you access Sugar right from inside Microsoft Office.

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3 Ways You Can Improve CRM Data Accuracy Today

September 28, 2016   •   4 minute read

A guest post from Collabspot with three actionable ways to improve your CRM data.

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How to Increase CRM User Adoption at Your Company

April 26, 2016   •   5 minute read

At a previous company I had the pleasure of taking on CRM user adoption, a challenge in which over 63% of large organizations fail at according Merkle Group

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The Best SugarCRM Integrations, Plugins, and Add-ons

October 21, 2015   •   3 minute read

While Sugar is a powerful tool for pipeline management, quote creation, customer insight, customers need additional functionality not included in the CRM.

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