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Product Catalog Archive

by Amanda Anderson on July 27, 2012

2 minute read

Customers often request feature enhancements to SugarCRM that will enable them to do things quicker. It’s these small adjustments and tweaks that, over time, can significantly impact the business in terms of overhead or profitability. Case in point: One of our customers consistently requests new workflows and features in Sugar to help keep efficiency at a point where they can maintain low headcount and high profitability.

One of the feature enhancements this customer wanted was the ability to archive products that were not commonly used, had expired or were not in season. When on a product, the user can now choose the new option to archive it.

Archive in SugarCRM

When creating quotes in Sugar, a user has the option to choose products from the product catalog to place into the quote

. SugarCRM product catalog

The new archiving system removes all archived products from the category tree. When a user clicks on a product category, only the active products will show and the archived ones will be hidden.

 SugarCRM product catalog search

For customers with hundreds of products, it can be time-consuming for a sales rep to find the correct product to place into the quote. This particular enhancement increases the sales rep’s efficiency and enables them to get the quote out faster. It also encourages them to use the product catalog instead of recreating a new product for each quote.

For more information about the product archiving enhancement in Sugar, contact us today.

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