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SugarCon 2016 Product Announcements

by Katie Liesmann on June 24, 2016

3 minute read

The biggest takeaway from SugarCon 2016 was this: ‘Transform your business, or be left behind’. SugarCRM itself is transforming the CRM space by continuing to add new features to its product platform. Here are the four biggest announcements from this year’s SugarCon.

Sugar Intelligent Service

Sugar Intelligent Service is a new service from SugarCRM which combines CRM data with outside data sources to make intelligent recommendations for users on what their next customer interactions should be. The goal of this service is to help users spend less time entering and updating data and more time leveraging data by learning from it and acting on it. The Sugar Intelligence Service is currently in development, and pricing and availability dates have not been announced yet.

Candace, the Intelligent Agent

Candace was another new service announced by SugarCRM. Candace is a “siri-like” agent powered by artificial intelligence. This agent can help Sugar users enhance customer interactions and plan meetings. She recommends best actions for users based on CRM data and can also respond to breaking developments in news and social media. Candace was most likely created using capabilities purchased via SugarCRM’s acquisitions of Stitch and Contastic in the past year.

Customer Journey Plugin

Clint Oram revealed that the Customer Journey Plugin will be an integrated part of the Sugar platform. The plugin was built by Addoptify, a Sugar partner who specializes in CRM plugins. The two main features of the plugin include the Customer Decision Indicator chart, which shows the decision journey for each individual customer, and the Customer Decision Workflow Panel, which shows the tasks that must be completed in order to advance a customer to the next stage of the decision journey. The plugin, which aims to automate customer-facing activities through each stage of the decision journey process, is currently available.

New Mobile SDK

The SugarCRM roadmap includes an overhaul of the user interface for Sugar Mobile. On top of a completely new look and feel, it also includes added capabilities to include custom field types and custom dashlets in mobile. We can’t wait to learn more about the new SDK as information is released. Did you attend SugarCon 2016? Did you keep up with the news stories and social media posts around it? What was your favorite event or announcement? Tell us about your SugarCon adventures below!

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