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Password Overload!

by Amanda Anderson on May 5, 2011

2 minute read

Last week I went online to DVR the American Idol results show. I attempted to log into my Uverse account and went through ten possible passwords. I was then prompted to answer a few questions: "1) What was the name of your childhood friend? 2) What was the name of your first pet?" etc. With all of my bank accounts, emails, work accounts, twitter, facebook, and wireless account logins, it's becoming more and more difficult to remember the passwords and usernames for all of these web-based services. For security reasons, all of my work related account passwords must be random numbers and letters, making it nearly impossible to memorize them all... unless "abd8983eqawhc8" was your pet's first name.

My Favorite  Credential Dashlet

"My Favorites" Credential Dashlet

To solve this problem W-Systems built a custom module in SugarCRM called "Credentials". We've completed further customizations to this module such as hiding passwords, but the core function of this module is the focus of my rant today. I just needed a place in the CRM to safely store all of my passwords!

W-Systems' custom credentials module also includes the "My Favorites" starring option. This is an out-of-the-box feature seen in standard modules in SugarCRM. Because the credentials are in their own module, users can create a credentials dashlet on their Sugar home page. What's even more valuable is the ability to tag them as "My Favorites". Users can then have a separate dashlet for the most used passwords and usernames for quick and easy access.

A little customization like the credentials module saves time and eliminates the guesswork when dealing with various work accounts. I may not store my personal account information in the CRM, but without the need to keep work passwords floating around I might actually have a chance at remembering that "first pet's name".

For more information about how W-Systems implemented the custom credentials module, contact us today. 

SugarCRM credentials module

Credentials Module

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