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Open Source Companies Log Impressive Growth

by Bill Harrison on March 4, 2009

2 minute read

I am a pretty big fan of Matt Asay, who writes a column on open source software for CNET. I guess I have to credit Eric for helping me discover Matt's blog but I'm now a regular reader. Today I read his post on how open source software companies are growing despite the economic slowdown. I guess I'm not surprised. Our business...which is primarily based on open source tools like SugarCRM and the underlying LAMP technologies...is booming. Frankly, we didn't expect to see much growth when the year began, but when your business is helping people save money while selling and marketing more effectively, an economic downturn is not necessarily a bad thing.

In this article, Matt validates what we have been seeing in our business. Namely, that the economic downturn is providing the catalyst for many companies to look at open source solutions for the first time.

And that's good news for customers, for the open source industry, and for W-Systems.