One Click Login: wMobile Desktop and Phone Editions

by Fred Block on June 9, 2015

wMobile can generate a One Click Login to be used as a “Favorite” or “Bookmark” shortcut for making a login to wMobile as easy as a single click. This will allow a user to login without having to type their user name and password each time. This is a treat in the day where less clicks is more.

However, there is a caveat…and that is that your business model allows a One Click Login due to security measures. Regardless, it is good to know you can have it either way and One Click Login is available in both the Phone and Desktop editions of wMobile. For the administrators reading this, below the setup instructions for using One Click Login, there are instructions for enabling/disabling this feature.

What is a One Click Login?

One Click Login is an encrypted web address (URL) that contains your organization's wMobile server address combined with a user's username and password. If your administrator has enabled this feature, wMobile will allow you to copy this URL and save it as your wMobile “Favorite” or “Bookmark” shortcut for easy access logging into wMobile without having to type your user name and password each time a login to wMobile is desired. On some devices, the web page can be associated with a keyboard shortcut to offer the most convenient wMobile access.

IMPORTANT: This is typical of both the Phone and Desktop editions of wMobile: If your GoldMine username or password are changed, the One Click Login will no longer work. The One Click Login address would need to be generated and saved again so that the new username/password combination would be encrypted into the web address.

Setup One Click Login for Phone Edition

Log into wMobile Phone and go to the My Preferences page (from the Home menu). To generate the web address click on Setup One Click Login.

You will see the address in the web address line of the browser you are using. Save this as a Favorite/Bookmark shortcut using the appropriate method for your device and browser.

Setup One Click Login for Desktop Edition

Log into wMobile Desktop. To generate the web address click on Tools → Setup One Click Login:

A page similar to the following image will appear. Click the Add To Favorites link to save the One Click Login as a favorite/bookmark (based on your browser preference). For advanced users, you may also copy and paste the URL as you wish if you familiar with that process.

Using the One Click Login

The One Click Login shown in IE's Favorites menu:

The One Click Login URL (i.e., web address) in this favorite's “Properties” example shows a combination of letters, numbers and symbols containing the GoldMine username and password in encrypted values:

For Administrators (Phone and Desktop Editions)

One Click Login Security for Phone and Desktop Editions

Enable / Disable One Click Login for Phone and Desktop Editions

Users can be forced to enter their login credentials each time they want to use wMobile as an added security measure. If your business rule requires this, here is how an administrator can change the setting to enable or disable the usage of One Click Login feature.

Open wMobile Manager Console and then go into the System Settings.

The AllowOneClickLogin setting value controls the use of the One Click Login feature.

To edit the Phone edition setting, navigate the tree list to get to the following node: Configuration → Phone → Security → Login

To edit the Desktop edition setting, navigate the tree list to get to the following node: Configuration → Desktop → Security → Login

Example of configuring AllowOneClickLogin for the Desktop users:

With Login selected for either edition, you will see the AllowOneClickLogin setting in the main window. This value set here (True/False) defines whether or not users can setup One Click Login. Set this to True so users can create a One Click Login or set to False to disable this feature.

After making the changes to these settings, click Save in the Actions window.

Most of us like to get more done with less clicks. With so many places to enter a username and password in an average work day, it's nice to have the choice to avoid the extra steps if available. That choice is yours providing your business' rules allow it!

Enjoy One Click Login!

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