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Notes Summary Automation

by Fred Block on July 22, 2016

4 minute read

Most likely, not all of you reading this article about "notes" were fond of note taking in grade school. However, fast forward to today and you'll find that in our careers, note taking is a way of life! The "Notes Summary" package we offer consolidates up to five of the most recent notes from the Notes sub-panel and puts them into one field on that Sugar module for viewing. This gives users a quick peek into recent activity without the need to drill down into the module.

Begin with Configuration

After installing the Notes Summary package into a Sugar instance and creating the required custom field in the appropriate module(s) where a notes summary is desired, setup takes a few steps. From Sugar's User Menu, select Admin and scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Notes Summary Configuration section:

Click on the Configure Notes Summary link to open the Notes Summary Settings:

The Number of Notes to be saved (1-5) field is used for controlling how many notes are inserted into the Notes Summary field. Please note: The default value is "5" and "5" is also the maximum allowed number of notes that can be inserted into the Notes Summary field. After entering the number of notes to be displayed, click the Save button.

Using the Notes Summary Field

Here is an image of the Notes Summary field populated with two notes from the Notes sub-panel (shown in the second image):

The Notes Summary field above is populated using these two notes:

The content in the Notes Summary field consists of information taken from three (3) fields of a Note record:

  1. Date Created:
  2. Assigned to:
  3. Subject Description

The Note record fields are concatenated (i.e., strung together) to form one string of text. For example:

Date Created: Assigned to: Subject Description


Following are two screenshots. One taken from a Note record and one from a Contact record. Together, these screenshots use matching colors to show where information is taken from, and where it is placed into a Notes Summary field):

From the Note record:

Placement of the Note record fields in the Notes Summary field on a Contact record:

In the previous screenshot, please notice the "hyphens" being used to separate multiple notes in the Notes Summary field: " -------------------------------"

Notes on the Notes Summary Field

Aside from "what" ends up in the Notes Summary field...

  • When a Note record existing in the Notes Summary field is updated, the changes made to the note are automatically reflected in the Notes Summary field.
  • If a Note record is unlinked from the Notes sub-panel of a record, the note will also be removed from the Notes Summary field.

Even with the Notes sub-panel available to drill down into on a Sugar Record View, the Notes Summary field might be just the ticket to get to the notes you need to see in a heartbeat without extra clicks and waiting for page refreshes in your browser.

Notes Summary Automation (part of wTools) is free to W-Systems customers and is part of our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional value to our clients.  To request a copy of our Notes Summary Automation feature fill out our wTools Request Form.

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