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wMobile for GoldMine Has a New Phone User Interface

by Ionut Tufis on July 7, 2020

11 minute read

The 5.1.0.x release of wMobile Phone for GoldMine includes a modern and clean UI throughout the entire phone application. The look and feel was considerably improved and a lot of new features were added.

When a wMobile user first logs into wMobile Phone after upgrading to wMobile 5.1, they’ll be notified of the User Interface update.

Once the user opens the new wMobile for Goldmine app, they will be notified about the update.

This information can be accessed again from the About link on the user menu for reference.

To adapt the display to your mobile device screen size and to your needs, new Font Size and Display Density settings can be used. The Display Density choices are Compact, Default, and Large. You find them in the “User preferences” section.

Here you can find the Display Density and Font size options, that allow you to adjust the interface to your mobile display.

Home Menu

The new Home menu is cleaner and easier to read. This menu can be customized in the user preferences section. The modern style is set by default with predefined colors to each category.

The new home menu of the wMobile for Goldmine app.

You have the option to generate random colors each time you navigate to the home menu or to change color brightness.

Users can set up the app to generate new color schemes each time they log into the app.

You can switch to the classic menu (no background colors).

Or you can set up the menu to the normal aspect.

Top Bar

A top bar was added which is always available. It  contains navigation links (back and home), the title of the current page, search contact button, and user profile menu button.

We added a top bar that is permanently visible in the interface.

Quick Search Contacts

Click on the magnifying glass from the header menu.

To Quick Search Contacts, ensure that you click on the magnifying glass from the header menu.

The search contact button will open a popup where you can search for a primary or additional contact.

This will open a new popup drawer where you can type the name of the contact of interest.

User Side Menu

The user profile menu button will open a new menu specific to each user.

Tapping on the User Side Menu will open a menu for each specific user.

At the top of this menu you will see information like: the logged in user name, the selected contact set, the current application build number.

Then, you will see the following menu items:

  • Home page link
  • User preferences link
  • Bookmarks
    • You can save your favorite pages and access them directly from this menu
  • Recent Contacts
    • You can personalize how many recent contacts to see (from 0 to 10) and in which format. This option is available in “Side menu options”.
    •  Available formats:
      • Contact
      • Company
      • Contact, Company
      • Company, Contact
  • Logout option
  • About page link

Admins can edit this menu in the Manager Console. They are able to add new items, hide items, or change the item order in the same way it can be done for the Home Menu .


It’s very easy to save a frequently used page. Just navigate to the desired page within wMobilePhone, open the side menu and use the ‘New Bookmark’ (+) button.

Tapping the + button will bookmark your items.

You will have the option to set the name of your new bookmark.

The new wMobile for Goldmine App allows the user to name each of their saved bookmarks.

Note: You can change the URL with an external link if you want to access an external web page directly from wMobilePhone.

After the link is saved, it will appear in the Bookmark list.

Once the user names and saves their bookmark, it will appear in the Bookmarks list.

If you click the pencil icon (Edit) you will be redirected to the ‘Side menu options’, where you can edit your bookmarks.

Users can also edit their bookmarks by pressing the pencil button (edit).

You have the option to edit the bookmark name, to delete bookmarks or to move up/down bookmarks.

Users also have the option to move up or down or delete their bookmarked items.

Contact View

The contact view is separated in two tabs: Details and Linked.

The Details tab includes summary information such as you’d typically see on the top of the GoldMine screen.

Two different tabs are available for each contact in Contact View: Details and Linked.

The Linked tab shows linked information such as Contacts, Pending, History, Opportunities, etc.

Opening the Linked tab will offer you a complete overview of the contact with information like  Contacts, Pending, History, Opportunities, etc.

The down arrow will provide a listing of the relevant records:

Tap on the dropdown arrow for more record insights.

It is very easy to add a new linked item. Look for the desired linked item type and use the corresponding ‘add button’ (+).

Tap on the  + button to add a new linked item.

Opportunity view, Project view and Case view will have  the same style as Contact view.

Opportunity view has a similar aspect as other view in the app.
Project view design.
Case View design.

Calendar View

When a user opens the calendar view for the first time, he’ll be notified of changes in the Calendar view:

Opening the Calendar view for the first time will show a pop up message notifying the user about the changes brought to the feature.

The updated Month View layout makes it easy to view activities, navigate, add activities.

Here users can interact with their planned activities and add new ones to the calendar.

With one click on a specific day, you will see a list of all the activities on that day. Another click will redirect you to the Day View.

The calendar icon in the top left will navigate to today.

Double click on the calendar icon to navigate to day view.

A new setting was added for default activity duration. If you typically schedule activities for 30 minutes, then set the default activity duration for 30 minutes.

Users can now add the activity duration for each activity.

You can switch between views, change the calendar user, or navigate to calendar preferences in the calendar menu:

The new calendar view is very easy to navigate.

Email center

The email center will offer email navigation and email view improvements as well as menu reorganization.

The Email center of wMobile for Goldmine app has also received a new look and new functionalities.
The menu has also been reorganized.

The compose email page is cleaner and easier to use.

The new Compose Email view is easier to use than before.

List Views

When you navigate to a list view, you will see at the top a description of any active filter.

Navigating to List View will provide a full description of any active filter.

When expanded, the filter is editable and you can search for new items.

Expand the filter to make it editable.

In the bottom right, you always find the new item button.

Tap the + button to add a new item.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and functionality!

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