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New wMobile Desktop Instructional Videos

by Lynn Catterson on May 18, 2017

4 minute read

We are pleased to announce some updated video content on our wMobile Resources page.  These were recorded in April, so they reflect current wMobile functionality and the updated appearance. These short topics should be useful for new employees, or if you want to brush up on a specific area of wMobile.

Logging Activities in wMobile Desktop

This video provides a review of how to complete pending activities from the Pending tab of a record, how to complete unscheduled activities, and how to filter History on an account. A related video is listed below on ‘Working with the Calendar and Activity List in wMobile Desktop.’

Updating Contact Information in wMobile Desktop

Updating contact information in wMobile Desktop is as easy as in GoldMine. All the same fields and lookup lists will be available. There’s no need for synchronization, everything is saved in the live, production SQL database. So, you’ll see changes made by your colleagues instantly, and they will see your updates instantly too.

Using Email in wMobile Desktop

This topic includes a review of the Email Center in wMobile Desktop. The difference between the GoldMine Inbox and Online Inbox(es) is discussed. This video also includes managing incoming email in the Email Center, composing new email from the contact record and Email Center, and applying email templates. 

Searching for Contacts in wMobile Desktop

Multiple methods of searching for contacts are covered including the Quick Search, Search Center, double-clicking on a field label to search on a particular field, and using the Recently Viewed Contacts list.

Working with the Calendar and Activity List in wMobile Desktop

Pending and completed activities can be viewed in the Calendar in a variety it timeframes, including a Day view, Week view, or Month view. Pending and completed activities can also be viewed and filtered in the Activity list in wMobile Desktop. Pending activities can be completed from the Calendar, the Activity list, or the Pending tab of a record with pending activities.

A library of past wMobile User group recordings can be found under the Webinars tab or at the link below. These would also be useful for review of specific topics such as creating and using Email templates, using creating and using filters, creating and using Document templates, working with Opportunities/Projects in wMobile Desktop, etc.

We hope you’ll find these videos useful. We plan to post updated videos for wMobile Phone in the coming month.