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wMaps - New Features (Map Field Type and Map Dashlet)

by Andrei Bonci on December 13, 2016

3 minute read

Our Sugar integration to Bing Maps, wMaps was updated with two new features: the Map Record View Field and the Map Dashlet. Both of these features allow Sugar users to quickly view an entry’s geocoded data from the record view without having to access the wMaps module. In this post, we’ll take you through to process of setting up these features, and how to use them.

Setting up the Map Record View Field

You’ll need Sugar Administrator rights to create the Maps Field, or ask your Sugar Administrator to follow these steps:

1. Go to Studio.
2. In the Accounts, Contacts, Leads or Opportunities modules, create a new field with Data Type – wMaps Field.

Note: if you select Streetside as the Map Type, it will only display the Streetside view. If the Road or Aerial views are selected, it will show a new dropdown regarding Proximity (proximity is set from the wMaps record view subpanel). If you choose No Proximity, no other entries will be shown on the map, but if Proximity is set to Listed Records, it will display the record visible in the wMaps subpanel (just the ones listed; if the list is closed, it will show no entries).

3. Save this field and add it to the Record in the modules listed above.

4. After deploying, go to any entry that this field was added to, and check the Record View. The created field will display Aerial, Road or Street View.

Creating a Map Dashlet

Similar to the Map Field, the Map Dashlet can display the Streetside, Road or Aerial view of a selected entry in its Record View. Follow the steps below to add a Map Dashlet:

1. From the Record View, click the Create button on the right side (as pictured below).

2. Click Add Row, and then Add a Sugar Dashlet.

3. Select wMaps from the dashlet list.
4. You can customize the dashlet by selecting which Map View will be displayed and whether you’d like to see other entries in the record’s proximity.

Your Map Dashlet is all set up! Keep in mind you can always change settings by clicking the Gear button.

That concludes our wMaps new features walkthrough. To stay updated about any new product updates, be sure to visit our blog. You can also check out all of wMaps’ features on our product page