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New SugarCRM Support Site Launched

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on January 11, 2016

5 minute read

Over the past few months, the SugarCRM Support department has been working hard to make SugarCRM's Support Site the site easier and faster to use, with the primary focus on presenting relevant content to each user.

The new site offers many substantial improvements, all aimed at delivering the help you need as quickly as possible:

Powerful Search

You will now see a search bar with drop-down menus where you can select your version, edition, and user type to receive focused search results. Results are filtered by these criteria to ensure you always see the most relevant content possible. You can quickly broaden your search by removing filters, and your selections will carry over to subsequent site visits.

Simple Navigation

The gray navigation bar appears on all pages, below the search bar, allowing you to access quickly all the main areas of the site as well as providing quick access to training, the community, and the case portal. Once you've drilled into our content, the navigation menu on the left facilitates your movement within the page or to related content within a focused portion of the site.

Documentation Hub

The Documentation tab displays all relevant user guides and other resources for your selected version and edition of Sugar. This serves as a centralized hub for learning about your particular Sugar instance as well as the appropriate mobile apps, plug-ins, and connectors.

News & Updates

The home page now includes a news feed of community conversations, the support site’s most popular and useful content, and our most recently published or updated pages.


The bottom of every page allows you to rate a page’s usefulness and to provide text feedback about the page. We want to hear your opinions! Please note, the option to rate a page only shows for logged-in users.

Mobile Viewing

The mobile-responsive design ensures you can access the support content you need no matter where you are - including on your phone, tablet, or another mobile device.

As always, we strive to provide the best possible experience for you, both when using the Sugar application and when learning about everything Sugar offers. We hope you enjoy using the new site and can get the help you need faster and easier than ever!


Please feel free to share your thoughts on the new site and make sure to check out the changes at support.sugarcrm.com!