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New SugarCRM Knowledge Base Articles Published

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on March 10, 2016

5 minute read

Check out the latest round of Knowledge Base articles that SugarCRM has published on their Support site. Each of these were written by members of SugarCRM's Support team to help you accomplish more with Sugar.


Configuring "Send As" Permissions With Gmail [New]

Configuring "Send As" Permissions With Office 365 [New]

Importing Email Attributes and Multiple Email Addresses [New]

Understanding Campaign, Workflow, and Process Email Templates [New]

Using CSS in Email Templates [New]

Process Author

Using Process Author for Territory-Based Lead Assignment [New]

Automating Business Processes With Process Author [New]

Creating Specialized Teams for Users Who May Engage in Processes [New]

Understanding Round Robin Activities vs. Round Robin Actions [New]

Troubleshooting a Blank Process Email Template [New]

Automatically Escalating Cases Using Process Author [New]

Capturing How Long a Record Spends in Each Status Using Process Author [New]


Using Workflows to Automatically Update the Account's Type When an Opportunity is Won [New]

Automating Common Tasks Using a Dropdown Field and Workflows [New]

Making Custom Fields Available in Workflows [Updated]

Troubleshooting Time-Elapsed Workflows [Updated]

Using Workflows to Automatically Assign Cases Created Via Sugar Portal [New]

Understanding Processes vs. Workflows [New]


Troubleshooting Missing Modules [Updated]

Troubleshooting Latency Using Traceroute [Updated]

Troubleshooting Scheduled Reports [Updated]

Platform Management

Downloading Backups From the Backups Module [New]

Migrating From On-Demand to On-Site [Updated]

Creating a phpinfo File [New]

Providing a Backup Without Sensitive Data [New]


Integrating Sugar With New Relic APM for Performance Management [New]

Customizing the Start Speed of List View Search [New]

Adding a Custom Compose Email Button [New]

Handling Validation Task Errors [New]

Enabling Importing for Custom Modules [Updated]

Health Check

Health Check Error: Field has incorrect display_default value [New]

Health Check Error: Found NULL values in moduleList strings [New]

Health Check Error: Module Has Definition of Another Module [New]

Health Check Error: Incompatible Integration Data Reset [New]

Health Check Error: Found subpanel with link to non-existing module [Updated]

More Goodies

Changing a User's Password [Updated]

Calculated Field : Formatting Phone Number Fields [New]

Understanding Field Mappings for Sugar Plug-ins [Updated]

Importing Related Records [Updated]