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The New Salesfusion Marketing Automation Plugin for Sugar 7

by Amanda Anderson on June 15, 2015

5 minute read

In the second half of 2013, I was tasked with finding a new marketing automation partner for W-Systems. I had two objectives:

1) Find a great solution for our customers with a solid integration to CRM.

2) Find a product that I believed in and would meet W-Systems’s internal marketing needs. I spent four months talking to several different marketing automation companies, seeing demos, and asking a ton of questions. A lot of the applications were good, but I found one, Salesfusion, that met most of my requirements, including being a solution that we could confidently recommend to our customers. We chose to partner with Salesfusion because of the capabilities of the application, forward-thinking product development team, native and deep integration to Sugar, and the culture and direction of the company.

A Connector for Sugar 7

Sugar 7 is built on an entirely different framework than Sugar 6. This is evident with the new interface and much-improved user experience. However, with the major architectural update, almost every third-party connector that integrated to Sugar needed to be rebuilt to be compatible with Sugar 7. Salesfusion initially deployed a connector for Sugar 7 that simply mimicked the version 6 functionality in an effort to get a product out quickly for the early adopters. Salesfusion then reached out to W-Systems to consult, design and build an improved connector for Sugar version 7.5 and beyond that would take advantage of the new user interface while making improvements to the initial design.

The New & Improved Connector

There are a lot of things that the version 6 connector did well, that we certainly wanted to replicate. This included:

  1. Pushing landing page completions, event registrations, and web activity to separate modules in Sugar. Natively syncing this activity enables users to view and report on the data in Sugar from desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Access to the Salesfusion marketing dashboard within a Sugar Lead and Contact record to view additional campaign details or lead scoring history, compose emails via Salesfusion, and add Contacts/Leads to a Salesfusion list.

In addition to replicating the functionality above, W-Systems worked with Salesfusion to enhance other areas of the connector for Sugar 7. This included:

Leveraging Sugar 7’s New API

The new connector utilizes Sugar 7’s new v10 REST API for the integration. The older SOAP API will eventually be phased out by SugarCRM, so it was important to be on the latest version. The v10 REST API has been rebuilt with the latest REST standards and is a better method to connect into Sugar.

New Button and Location for Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard

W-Systems created a new button to access the Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard that used Sugar 7’s style guide for a cohesive look and feel.

New Button and Location for Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard

We also placed the Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard in Sugar 7’s drawer rather than opening in a new window. This creates a smoother experience for the end user.

New Button and Location for Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard 

Improvements to Emails

Emails sent out of Salesfusion now archive to the Emails module in Sugar and are shown within the subpanel of the related Contact or Lead record who received the email. Additional status types were added that update the value when the email is sent, delivered, opened, or clicked.

Custom Activity Dashlet

W-Systems built a custom dashlet that displays on the Sugar homepage and in the intelligence panel of the Leads and Contacts’ list view. This dashlet displays the Salesfusion activity of the Leads and Contacts that are assigned to the user currently signed-in. This activity includes landing page completions, website visits, email activity, and event registration. The user can filter the results by Lead and/or Contact and by activity type. The new dashlets are automatically added to each user’s home page and list view dashboards upon installation of the new Salesfusion plugin. This increases consumption of this data since users don’t have to individually add the new dashboard in Sugar.

Custom Activity Dashlet 

Lead & Contact Salesfusion Activity Dashboard

Lead & Contact Salesfusion Activity Dashboard

Salesfusion wanted to call attention to the real-time activity occurring with a Lead and Contact record. To do this, we created 3 custom Dashlets in the Intelligence panel of a Lead and Contact record view. These dashlets comprised of real-time charts of email open/click history, web activity, and the Salesfusion journey timeline. These charts are also available within the Salesfusion Marketing Dashboard but are more easily consumed by the Sugar user needing just a quick view of this data without any additional clicks. As with the custom activity dashlet, these dashlets and dashboards are automatically added to each user’s intelligence panel upon installation of the connector. We are excited to see the new Salesfusion connector out on the market and being used by our customers. Let us know what you think of the new connector by commenting below!

For more information on Salesfusion and to see the integration to Sugar 7, contact us today.

Salesfusion was acquired by SugarCRM in May 2019, and is now Sugar Market.

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