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New in wMobile for GoldMine: Projects Metrics

by Adela Barzaneanu on August 28, 2020

5 minute read

The metrics dashboard in wMobile for GoldMine provides interactive data information. This data is represented in new graphs and charts. In this article, we’ll describe the metrics on Projects. The projects can be easier to track, analyze, and summarize in these metrics.

Using the Projects dashboards, users can easily keep track of all their projects.

The metrics dashboards are found in the ‘Projects’ tab, click on ‘Metrics’ from the dropdown list:

To access the metrics dashboard, access the Metrics option from the available dropdown.

Project metrics include two significant areas. The first graph represents the Projects Count, and by default, all types of projects are presented. The legend of the colors is detailed on the right side. The project types are displayed or hidden by clicking on the specified color. This same selection method is used for the donut Charts on the bottom half of the metric dashboard.

The projects metrics are split into two main areas.

For the counted projects, you can select different periods of time, by clicking the checkboxes above the graphs. These can be displayed by ‘Start Date’, ‘Closed Date’ and ‘Actual End’.

You can filter projects based on different criteria.

You can choose for which user you want to display the project graphs. (Note: Access will be determined by permissions set in GoldMine).

Each chart can be exported in PDF format.

You can also export all charts in PDF format.

Click on a bar in the chart to drill down to a list of the Projects. The Details tab includes hyperlinks to navigate to the Project detail record, Company or Contact. Select the Charts tab to return to the list view.

All charts are drill down charts, to offer more information.

In the second area, you can see the donut charts which represent four quarters of the year. The legend color is also detailed on the right side with the same actions as in the Projects count area.

Take a look at the legend to learn what each color stands for.

As above, all types of projects are displayed. If you want to see a specific type of project, you simply click on the color assigned to this type of project in the donut chart. The details tab will be opened.

Click on the assigned color for a project type to open a drill down drawer with all information.

From this tab, you can modify a project by clicking on its name. It can also be deleted (based on GoldMine permissions).

By clicking on the company or contact name, the contact page will be opened. Click on the Charts tab in the top left of the drill down the chart to return to the Chart view.

We hope the Projects metric dashboard will help you have a better view of the progress of your projects, provide easy access for updating information, and make sure no project gets overlooked.