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New Features in wMobile 4.0

by Lynn Catterson on April 10, 2018

3 minute read

We are pleased to announce wMobile 4.0 was released in March 2018. We hope you will enjoy the new functionality that is now part of wMobile Phone and Desktop! Here are a few highlights:

wMobile Desktop Calendar Enhancements

The wMobile Desktop calendar has been reviewed and updated to provide more detail. There is a new panel on the right to show activity details for a selected date.

This is particularly useful in the Week and Month Views, where limited space is available to show activities.  The count of activities appears at the top of the new panel on the right.

On each activity there’s a button with 3 dots (an ellipse) that has navigation and activity options which include:

  • Go to Contact
  • Open Contact
  • Edit
  • Complete
  • Delete
  • Export to iCal

If a user does not like this new activity panel, he or she can collapse it, using the toggle at the left side of the panel, as highlighted in yellow in the screenshot.  When an activity is highlighted there are icons at the bottom, highlighted here in light blue, that can be used to Edit, Complete, Delete or Go To Contact.

The option to Show History Activities can be set with a checkmark in the lower right of the pane. This is easily accessible without leaving the Calendar and going into user Options/Preferences.

History items are displayed with a strikethrough and are a little lighter in color, to provide better visibility for Pending activities.

wMobile Phone Calendar Enhancement

The selected day is now highlighted with a bold blue border. The letters of das with pending activities/events are displayed in bold. Under the day letter, if there are pending activities, history activities, or events on that day, color-coded circle(s) will be displayed.

The color-coded circles are dependent on the color selections in the user’s preferences.

Email Drag-and-Drop in wMobile Desktop Email Center

Emails can be highlighted and dragged from the Online Inbox into the GoldMine Inbox, Filed or Sent folders.

Email in the GoldMine Inbox can also be dragged to custom, Inbox, Filed or Sent folders in the GoldMine Inbox.


There are some limitations on dragging and dropping emails. Emails cannot be dragged from the Local Draft or Local Outbox folders.

A full list of fixes and features can be seen in the Release Notes, including a number of fixes for Opportunity functionality in wMobile Phone.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features of wMobile 4.0! Customers with current wMobile maintenance can locate the new installer file on the wMobile web site on the Demos and Downloads tab. The desktop icon to update wMobile will be updated to point to the new version during the upgrade.

Note: These features were included in wMobile