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New Features and Enhancements in Sugar 7.9

by Paul Scondac on May 17, 2017

3 minute read

Sugar 7.9 was released on May 15th. It is a major update that brings many new features and enhancements, detailed below. For a full list of feature enhancements, fixed and known issues and developer changes, you can read the release notes.

Quotes Module

  • The Quotes module has migrated from BWC to the more user-friendly Sidecar Interface
  • Create and Edit views have been overhauled, offering a more sensible quote creation flow
  • The module can now be customized to accommodate for more complex business needs
    • Module now uses Sugar Logic for its custom fields logic
    • The combined power of Sidecar & Sugar Logic offer safer frameworks for building upgrade safe customizations

  • Support for multiple currencies. Administrators must first add desired currencies and exchange rates to Sugar via Admin > Currencies. They also have the ability to set the instance's default currency via Admin > Locale. This is typically the currency of the country where the majority of business is conducted. Each quote record has a Currency field where you will specify the currency being used for this particular business transaction. However, line items built from product catalog items will use the product catalog item's selected currency rather than the quote's currency.

  • Users can download Sugar quote records in PDF format via the quote's Actions menu or from any Quotes subpanel on a related record

Reports Module

  • List view has been upgraded to Sidecar, which offers a user-friendly layout and filtering on fields
  • Two new fields have been added to the Reports module
    • Description field: detailed description of report
    • Tags: easily categorize reports

Help Popup

  • The Help Dashboard has been replaced by the more space sensitive and contextual Help Popup. It can be accessed via a footer icon, and frees up space in the Intelligence Pane.

Advanced Workflow (available to Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate customers)

  • New process triggers have been added. These are based on:
    • Field changes
    • Field changing from specific values
    • Field changing to specific values
    • Field changing from specific values to specific values

  • Additional Text Field Operators:
    • Starts with
    • Ends with
    • Contains
    • Does not contain

  • Created-by and modified-by users are now available for Change Field and Add Related Record actions.

  • Criteria can now be re-arranged or inserted in Advanced Workflow evaluation windows

Global Search

  • Now supports the following operators:
    • "AND"
    • "OR"
    • "NOT"
    • Parenthesis

D&B Removal

  • Since the D&B and SugarCRM business relationship has been discontinued as of late 2016, the following have been removed from the D&B Connector:
    • Admin – ability to enter D&B license key
    • All dashlets related to D&B e.g. Account enrichment, Competitors etc.
    • Build a list
  • However, the following fields in the Accounts module are retained:
    • DUNS number
    • SIC code

SugarCRM Support Updated

In addition to these enhancements to Sugar, SugarCRM has also recently updated their Support Site, overhauling its look and feel and improving usability. For more information, read our related blog post.