New Calendar Display in wMobile

by Ionut Tufis on September 5, 2018

2 minute read

With the upgrade to version 4.0, some improvements have been made to the wMobile Phone calendar day/week view, which should help users navigate more easily through the calendar.

When in the wMobile Phone calendar day/week view, you will see a toolbar with seven buttons, each button representing a day of the current week:

New wMobile Calendar Display

In the above picture are displayed appointments scheduled for Wednesday, July 4th.

  • The selected day is now highlighted by a blue border.
  • Days with pending activities/events are darker and displayed in bold.
  • Non-working days are displayed in black.
  • Under day name, if there are pending activities, history activities or events on a particular day, a circle is displayed for every activity type. The circle color is consistent with user calendar preferences (event color, history color, pending color).

The background of today is consistent with the color selected in user calendar preferences.

wMobile Calendar Options

Also, a new user setting has been added in the Calendar preferences page, ‘DotsIndicatorSize’, that updates the size of the circle displayed under day name. This setting can have one of these values: Small, Medium, Large. The default value is ‘Small’ and can be changed by each user as desired.

This blog topic is applicable to wMobile and above.

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