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Moving Emails Between Folders in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on August 9, 2017

3 minute read

We recently posted a blog article on wMobile Desktop supporting custom email folders in the GoldMine Inbox.  We’ve also made some improvements in being able to move emails between folders in wMobile Desktop.

Emails in the GoldMine Inbox can be moved to Inbox Subfolders, Filed folders, Sent folders, or custom folders. There are two methods to do this. When the email is highlighted, right click on it and select Move To | Inbox and then select the desired Inbox folder.

An alternative is to click or tap on Move To on the toolbar. Select the desired Inbox folder in the pop up box and click OK. (This would be the method to use on an iPad or tablet, where right clicking isn’t an option.)

The email will be moved to the new folder.

Likewise, Filed emails can be moved to other Filed Subfolders, such as project folders. In the same manner, when an email is highlighted, right click to select Move To and navigate to the desired folder.

Alternatively, when the email is highlighted, you can click or tap on the Move To button in the toolbar.

Then select the desired folder from the pop-up box. Use the + and – signs to expand and collapse folders.

The same functionality can be used to restore Deleted emails in the GoldMine Deleted folder. Highlight the email and right click on it to select Move To, or use the Move To icon in the toolbar.  Deleted emails can be moved back into the Inbox or Filed folders, depending on the folder from which it was deleted.

An email deleted from the Inbox will present the Inbox and Inbox subfolders as options to restore a deleted email.

An email deleted from Filed, Sent or other custom folders will present those folders as options to restore a deleted email.

If you’re working in the Online Inbox, with new emails that have not yet been retrieved into GoldMine, the File with Options button will allow you file emails to specific folders. These emails will also be filed to the GoldMine Contact’s History tab, providing the email is linked, based on a matching email address.

Select the arrow on the File To, to see the folders.

Select the desired folder from the list. Click OK to save the change or Cancel to go back to the email list or message.

We hope this will give you the flexibility to see emails both on the contact’s History tab, as well as in project folders, for easy reference.

Note: Moving emails between GoldMine folders applies to wMobile and above. The File with Options functionality is included in any wMobile build 3.1.x.