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More CRM With Your Meal?

by Aaron Wine on October 24, 2012

5 minute read

About 15 years ago, I was in that purgatory stage of being a college graduate and not having a professional career based on my degree. I spent a year travelling overseas, and by the time I got back, I was broke and the prospect of finding a job in my degree was basically on the level of powerball proportions. So, I took a job as a waiter to have some rent money and grab a bite to eat each day. Waiting tables is hard on the legs and hard on the pocketbook. Working 12-hour shifts for $2/hour plus tips was not what I wanted to do with my life. So, I took a programming class at the local community college to get out of the restaurant arts and the rest, as they say, is history.

More CRM With Your Meal?

The one thing I did really like about waiting tables was meeting people, talking to them, and making their Tex-Mex experience a pleasurable one. I became a natural at making most people happy. Of course, there was that one person out of many who would skip the tip or thought that it was their birthright to down 8 beers without eating, but overall, I really enjoyed my customers. In fact, it was a table of regulars who hired me for my first computer programmer position, which leads me to fast forward to today. (Please mentally begin the blurry transition from past to present)

It’s been almost a year since I was first hired on by W-Systems to become one of their software engineers. In that time, I have learned many things about SugarCRM and have been fortunate to work in a place that I get excited about going to in the morning. I have worked on several very cool projects over the year and have taken over most of the training duties. I think one of my strengths is communication, and client training allows me to do more of that. Frankly, I still consider myself a waiter with programming skills. And now, I consider myself extremely lucky because the powers that be at W-Systems have decided to expand our customer service by creating a new role here, for which I will be transitioning into. I will now be able to blend my technical expertise with my gift of gab to help current and future customers explode their SugarCRM productivity in connection to their business workflow.

The new role is still untitled because we are still trying to figure out how to capture all that I will be doing in just a few descriptive words. Am I a Customer Concierge? A Technical Advocate? An Account Liaison? All sound professional, but all don’t really encompass what we expect the role to morph into. So let’s have some fun with some unprofessional ideas for the title name.

1. Account McGuyiver Much like McGuyiver, I’ll be looking at a client’s current business process and craft unique SugarCRM ideas that will help increase productivity and usability. I’ll have to get an 80’s style haircut and promise to make sure there are no injuries when the dynamite explosions go off.

2. Customer Spirit Guide Don’t we all wish we had a personal spirit guide to help us out on our journeys? With your SugarCRM instance, I’ll be able to walk you down the path of CRM and offer advice on pitfalls and strategies to get SugarCRM to perform like rainwater hitting a mountain stream. If we go with this one, I’ll need to pick a suitable animal persona like an eagle or a bear, or both!  A Beargle!

3. SugarCRM Daddy That’s right, I went there. Think about it, wouldn’t you just love to have someone looking out for you? If I hear of a cool Sugar project we did for another client, wouldn’t you like a call or an email if it could help your business out as well? I’m not talking about a generic email to thousands casting a wide net, but more of a specific goal in mind, specific to your business.

4. Client Pit Crew

Do you remember the old gas stations when you would pull up for gas and four gentlemen would appear to fill you up, check your oil, air your tires? I don’t, but I heard about them and I did see the movie “Back to the Future” once, so I know that this might have happened. This is another facet to the role that we are creating. I am going to help out with basic tasks to make your Sugar experience here at W-Systems a very enjoyable one. Everything from helping with license renewals to training, I’m here to help. Just sit back, relax and flip through the many AM stations on your Studebaker.

Do you remember the old gas stations when you would pull up for gas and four gentlemen would appear to fill you up, check your oil, air your tires?

Eventually, we’ll have a very suitable title and I’ll be fully ramped up in my new role. I couldn’t be more excited about this. I will be reaching out to clients, but please feel free to reach out to me and welcome me in. You can contact us here.