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Mobile SDK: SugarCRM Mobile App Can Now Be Customized

by Katie Liesmann on October 26, 2017

2 minute read

SugarCRM has updated it’s Sugar Mobile App to be capable of custom development with it's Mobile SDK. Before this, the only customization capability organizations had when it came to mobile were within Studio. Keep reading to learn about the customizations of Sugar mobile today.

Mobile SDK: Talk Technical to Me

On the back end of this cool new capability is what’s known as a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is a set of frameworks and tools that allow developers to add code-level customizations to an application's API. Before this update, no one had the capability to customize the Mobile App, and organizations who wanted a custom app had to basically build a mobile-friendly portal from scratch that would integrate with their Sugar instance.

What’s in it for Me?

Organizations can now leverage either their Sugar partner or internal development resources to customize a mobile app for their team. They can create branded applications, customized user experiences, and purpose-built apps for their business processes.

Mobile SDK: SugarCRM Mobile App Can Now Be Customized

Here's What You Can Customize Now

Developers can now add the following into Sugar:

  • Custom Menus
  • Custom Field types
    • Signature fields
  • Custom Actions
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Launch other apps (skype, facetime, etc)
    • Check in using geolocation
  • Custom Dashlets
  • Custom Views
    • Build custom to-do lists
  • Integrated Native Plug-Ins (such as GPS services, camera, barcode/QR scanner)
    • Customers near me
    • Fleet management and routing
    • Check in and check out at service locations for field service

Using the SugarCRM Mobile SDK, mobile developers can customize the SugarCRM Mobile app and distribute their custom app through the Apple App Store or Google Play store or, for increased security and ease of distribution, through a private app store. To learn more about using the Sugar Mobile Application, reach out to us here.