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Meet wMobile for SugarCRM

by Roxana Rangu on June 25, 2019

4 minute read

If you work in sales and part of your job is visiting customers or attending events, I am sure you have thought at least once how nice it would be to have all that CRM info at your fingertips. SugarCRM Mobile makes this possible, but wMobile for SugarCRM takes it to the next level.

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Meet wMobile for SugarCRM, our efficient and easy-to-use app that puts the power of W‑Systems add-ons for Sugar (such as mapping, document building and more) at your fingertips right from your mobile device.

wMobile for SugarCRM includes some of our most popular enhancements to Sugar, such as:

  • Mobile mapping with wMaps
  • wDocs, our take on document automation that allows creating sales documents on the go 
  • Custom Buttons (included with wTools), our user-friendly feature that offers quick action buttons

Let's dive deeper into this and see exactly how wMobile for SugarCRM works for you.

Navigate Through Your Prospects with wMaps

As you are planning your busy day, you likely try to think of an effective way to reach as many customers in the area as possible. With wMaps, our record mapping add-on for Sugar, you can now filter Sugar Contacts, Leads, or Opportunities plotted on Google Maps. You will also be able to check quickly what Accounts or Leads are in closest proximity to each other, plot the results and generate directions for a visit.

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You can easily pick your Contacts, sort your Accounts using the Nearby function, and add them to your route. You will now have turn-by-turn directions for each one of your contacts in less than a minute! This is so useful--you can plan your day, finish early and then see who else is nearby, and visit them as well!

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Merge Information From Any Module into Presentation Quality Documents

One of the most needed features among Sugar users is the ability to create contracts, proposals, or forms while on the go. Thanks to wDocs, you can instantly merge information from any Sugar module and generate high-quality Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF documents.

wmobile for SugarCRM on iphones

If you’re anything like the busy salesman, you will be delighted to know that now you can:

  • Generate an account profile from your phone right before your meeting
  • Review previous meeting notes.
  • Generate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDS) that you want to execute during your meeting or a quote, which can then be sent out via DocuSign for electronic signature. 
  • And much more. Oh, the possibilities!

Access Anything with Quick Action Buttons Extension 

Quick action buttons help make your daily workload easier and focus on what’s important. With Custom Buttons (one of our wTools customizations for Sugar), you can create shortcuts for your most used actions such as adding detailed notes to your Sugar contacts or generating routes. There’s nothing better than being able to easily update the status of your records in Sugar or updating field values effortlessly, with a single tap! 

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Average is never enough, so why not use shortcuts to get what you want faster, from your phone, in your car, or on your way to a meeting? Another great thing worth mentioning is that it’s always available!  With offline sync, the information you need is available from your phone whether or not you’re online.

See It in Action

wMobile for SugarCRM lets you personalize your Sugar experience to easily manage all your CRM activities. Please note that while it’s a free app, you must own licenses for W-Systems add-ons to access enhanced functionality. Schedule a demo today to learn more! 

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