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Managing Large Sugar User Groups with UserUtilities

by Damon Hurd on January 16, 2015

5 minute read

Some of our SugarCRM customers have hundreds of users. With larger users groups, system administrators need additional tools to quickly push out changes and roll out features to large teams.

While SugarCRM utilizes concepts such as Teams and Roles to manage data and feature access, there are a number of areas of SugarCRM where settings are individualized. Users are expected to make selections and configure a number of their own settings to fully take advantage of SugarCRM’s capabilities. Examples of such individual settings range from user Dashboards to module filters. 

SugarCRM’s Open Source nature gives us the capability to develop additional functionalities for SugarCRM to enhance the product in any way. Most large CRM deployments have some unique needs that we together solve but W-Systems developers created a set of commonly used features and bundled them into a module load for our clients. wUserUtilities allows an administrator to clone and model any user’s preferences, settings, filters, dashlets, and whole dashboards, and then to deploy these selected user objects to a single user or to whole teams of users. The tool also includes the ability to impersonate any other user to quickly confirm their user environment without going through the login process.

Here is a sample screenshot from our tool that shows the ability to clone selected dashboards from one User to another User Team.

The next screenshot shows off the capability to selectively push general system settings and also module specific settings out to the User Teams.

This is a very powerful tool that our clients with large user groups find essential. Beyond managing common profile settings like the Navigation Bar, Mail Merge Options, Email Client Selection, and Favorite and Scheduled Reports, wUserUtilities allows an administrator to develop custom List View filters, dashlets, and both Home Screen and Intelligence Pane dashboards with their own or a template user account - testing and fine-tuning them until they are ready to be deployed en masse to their users and teams, while retaining a central repository of these crucial shared objects for further changes and enhancements.

Take a look at some of the projects and integrations that we have done for our customers. If you are interested in learning more or having W-Systems work on a custom solution for your company, please contact us.