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Managing Contact Tabs in wMobile Desktop

by Fred Block on January 12, 2016

8 minute read

Personalizing the user interface of the software we rely on daily is not a new thing at all. Many users prefer to see only what they "use" and nothing more. Streamlining the user interface is a good thing, and wMobile Desktop supports allowing users to control which of the tabs they see when viewing contacts. Information for accomplishing this by the users themselves can be found using this link to the wMobile Users' Guide.

However, there will be instances when an administrator is responsible for configuring which tabs display for users and not the users themselves. wMobile allows administrators to control the tabs that display for users (both globally or individually) by using the wMobile Manager Console.

Following are examples and the steps to configure the tabs that will be displayed for users. We'll start with the Default User Options that will affect all users globally and then finish by walking through the details for setting the tabs to display for a specific user using the User Options.

The contact tabs configuration can be done for all users (globally) using the Default User Options or for specific users (individually) by using User Options. The process is similar for both, but when setting the Default User Options, there is no availability to select a specific user.

Typical for Both: "Default User Options" and "User Options"

Start by opening the wMobile Manager Console. Select Start → All Programs → W-Systems → wMobile Manager Console → wMobile Manager Console.

Select the Desktop node in the wMobile Explorer window.

To Perform a Global Modification to the Displayed Tabs for "all" Users:

In the center window double-click on the Default User Options icon.

The center window will now display the options available. In the center window, navigate to Options → Desktop → Contacts and click on the SelectedTabs setting as shown and then click on the ellipses button.

After clicking the ellipses button, the Contact Tabs Editor dialog will appear. Tick the checkboxes for the tabs that need to be seen by the users. As a checkbox is ticked, its tab name will appear in the Checked Tabs window on the right (see below in red). Sorting the order of the tabs is done by selecting a tab name by clicking on it, and then using the up/down arrows to position the tab in the order preferred (see below in blue). The top-most tab in this list will display on the left and the bottom-most on the right in wMobile Desktop. After completing these steps, click OK.

Next, click the Save command in the Actions window at the right side of wMobile Manager Console.

When performing this global change to all users, some wMobile components will need to be restarted. The following dialog will appear and clicking OK will start the processing. NOTE: Users that are logged into wMobile at this time will be dropped and will need to log back in after the processing completes so it may be best to warn users ahead of time.

Now the tabs should be set the same for all users.

To Perform a Modification to the Displayed Tabs for a "specific" User:

In the center window double-click on the User Options icon.

The center window will now display the options available. In the center window, use the drop-down list to select the user you are configuring the tabs for (see below in blue). After picking the user, navigate to Options → Desktop → Contacts and click on the SelectedTabs setting as shown and then click on the ellipses button.

The remaining steps are the same as above for configuring the Default User Options with these exceptions:

  • After clicking the Save command in the Actions window, you will not need to restart any components; that is only required when a global change is made to all users.
  • The user will need to manually logout of wMobile and log back in to see the changes made if they were logged into wMobile during the configuration changes.
  • User specific settings override those set using the Default User Options.

Save your users from searching through contact tabs they don't need to see and set the order of the visible tabs to make the interface more user-friendly for them. We hope this helps!

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