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Manage User Dashlets

by Amanda Anderson on December 7, 2011

3 minute read

Give users a jumpstart to using SugarCRM by managing their dashlet pages.

When a company first implements SugarCRM, default dashlet pages are displayed for each user. Dashlet pages are the subtabs underneath the home page in SugarCRM. These dashlets are a quick view into several components of Sugar right from the home screen. Users can setup dashlets to display any number of reports, new leads, open tasks, and so much more.

Dashlet tabs in SugarCRM

It may take some time for a new user to get their own dashlets set up. One of our customers needed to ramp-up new Sugar users as quickly as possible. They wanted to manage user dashlets from the admin account and add dashlet pages to certain users. For example, the customer may want to have sales reports and new lead stats show up for each new sales rep. By setting up relevant and meaningful dashlets, a new user can more easily and quickly make use of the CRM system.

W-Systems built a dashlet manager into the administration panel in SugarCRM. The user friendly interface makes it easy for admins to manage all user dashlet pages in just three steps.

Step One: Set up dashlet pages on the home screen of the admin account. The admin can create a page and set up an endless amount of dashlets on that page. The example below shows the Tracker page on the admin’s account. The dashlets shown on this page will be the same dashlets a user sees if this page is selected for their account.

Setting up dashlet pages in SugarCRM

Step Two: Access the custom dashlet manager in the admin panel to add/update users’ dashlet pages.

Updating dashlet pages with the SugarCRM custom dashlet manager

The dashlet manager has a list of all users and a list of all the dashlet pages on the admin’s account.

User list and dashlet list in the SugarCRM dashlet manager

Step Three: Select dashlet pages to add to certain users. The admin first selects a user and the desired pages to be push over to that account. When the admin clicks the “select” button, the dashlet pages are instantly added to the appropriate users’ home screen. A list of admin pages that have been pushed over to a user's account will show underneath the user's name in the dashlet manager (as seen in the image above).

Selecting in SugarCRM dashlet pages to add to certain users

The users are then able to edit these dashlets or create their own without altering the admin’s dashlets. The end result gives new Sugar users a number of meaningful dashlets to build onto instead of starting with Sugar's default pages. For more information about the custom dashlet manager, contact us today.

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