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Make Marketing Look Easy

by Roxana Rangu on November 13, 2019

6 minute read

There’s so much noise out there, that it can be hard to know what to pay attention to when it comes to boosting your marketing strategy.

We broke through the noise with a webinar on Sugar Market, the all-in-one marketing tool from SugarCRM that makes marketing...well...easy.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.


  • Recap of Last User Group Webinar
  • W-Systems Sugar Release Roundup
  • SugarCRM and W-Systems 
  • Feature Topic – Make Marketing Easy with Sugar Market
  • Q&A

Last User Group Meeting

September 2019: Fall Into the New SugarCRM

News Roundup

W-Systems Sugar Release Roundup

Fall ‘19 or Sugar 9.2

  • Updates that we showed in our release roundup video include: 
    • Sugar Market: CRM Synchronization Dashboard
    • Sugar Sell: Business Centers
    • Sugar Serve: Sugar Serve Portal
    • Sugar Cloud: Sugar Cloud Insights Console
    • Sugar Enterprise: Portal Configuration Options and more!
    • Sugar Mobile
  • Blog Post

Sugar Releases: Fall '19 (9.2)

  • Sugar Sell
    • Business Centers Improvements
    • New SugarBPM Stock Definitions
  • Sugar Serve
    • Sugar Portal Enhancements
  • Sugar Professional/Enterprise
    • Create/edit non-user employee records in SugarIdentity-enabled instances

Release Notes: 

Sugar Connect: Work Where You Work

Embed Your CRM Within G Suite and Office 365
Sugar Connect brings your most important customer experience activities into the email and calendar apps you use every day. 

  • Sync contacts, calendars and more
  • Communicate with context
  • Cut down on data entry
  • Automatically track activity
  • Personalize outreach

Learn More

Sugar Discover: No Touch in Action

Answer Your Most Important Sales Questions Fast
Get important insights fast with Sugar Discover, the sales analytics tool that helps you understand historical trends and forecast future revenues.

  • Detect changes with automated alerts
  • Rewind history with detailed historical records
  • Keep things simple with extensive out-of-the-box content

Learn More

Sugar Releases: SugarCRM Mobile 13.0 and 12.0

Sugar Mobile 13.0 addresses an issue when running the app on iOS 13.
Sugar Mobile 12.0 fixes an issue where the app did not check for duplicates or record creation.

  • Release Notes:
    • SugarCRM Mobile 13.0 for iOS
    • SugarCRM Mobile 12.0 for iOS and Android
    • SugarCRM Mobile SDK 13.0

Sugar Releases: Sugar Market 13.11

The latest Sugar Market release introduces the CRM Sync Dashboard for SugarCRM, enabling marketers to get a complete view of data syncing between Sugar Market and Sugar.

Release Notes: Sugar Market 13.11, Sugar Market 13.10

Sugar Releases: Sugar Hint 5.2.1

Sugar Hint 5.2.1 introduces the Tabbed View: Clicking the Preview button on a contact, lead, or account record now opens a tabbed view in the intelligence pane containing both the record preview and the Hint panel.

SugarCRM Resources

Sugar Resources by SugarCRM

Sugar Resources by W-Systems

eBooks and White Papers

  • See all of our eBooks and White Papers on one page.
  • Recent eBooks and White Papers include:
    • Your Sales Lead Process is Half-Baked. Learn a Better Way.
    • The Dynamic Duo: SugarCRM + Act-On Marketing Automation
    • Best Practices for CRM User Adoption
    • 50 Things Your CRM Should Tell You About Your Customers
    • Solving the Sales-Marketing Conundrum
    • Customer Interactions: Your CRM's Hidden Gold

Sugar University Training

Sugar University has gone through a small revamp and now has divided its training into three major sections:

Make Marketing Easy with Sugar Market

Sugar User Group Q&A

How many websites does Sugar Market let you track? Is there a limit?

There is no limit. You can place the tracking script on as many websites as you like.

Are we able to set up triggered emails based on web events?

Yes, you can certainly leverage web events for triggered campaigns, so whether or not someone registered, or just attended, you can track that data as well as if you have any emails associated with those events, you can track if they had any engagements or activity within your email campaign.

If a user clicks on a link on a website can we trigger an email to them?

Yes, you would be able to do that through a lead scoring workflow, by specifying specific URLs that you want to have as triggers for your next workflow action. You can certainly do those types of things.

For the nurture campaign, can you have it send emails during certain days/times?

Yes, you can specify certain dates and times that you would like the emails to be sent, with each individual step of the nurture where an email is involved.

Can Sugar Market be added to a Sugar Professional license?

Yes, Sugar Market can work with every Sugar instance, including Sugar Professional. If you have access to Sugar, then you can connect it to Sugar Market.

What other CRMs does Sugar Market integrate with besides SugarCRM?

Sugar Market has 6 other native integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Sage, NetSuite, and Bullhorn.

With Sugar Market can you create segmented lists?

Yes. You can create advanced segmentation with the report builder or you can use the standard and custom fields to create targeted lists. You can also use engagement activity if someone has been involved in a nurture campaign, if they opened an email last week, and much more.

Is Sugar Market’s sync bidirectional? And if so how frequently does it occur?

It is bidirectional. We sync all standard fields and custom fields; the sync cycle varies but it never takes more than 15 minutes, depending on how much data is being synced.

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