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Likes to Leads: 5 Key Lead Management Concepts

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on July 30, 2015

8 minute read

On July 28th SugarCRM’s VP of Demand Generation, Tom Victory shared lead development tips in this special webinar where we covered the following topics:

  • Content Alignment
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Source Optimization
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Alignment with Sales Operations
  • Lead Routing via Sugar Advanced Workflow

A huge thanks to everyone who joined this webinar. Below is the video recording from the meeting, slide deck as well as questions & answers.

Still have more questions about SugarCRM or lead generation? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!

Webinar Video Recording

Webinar Conclusions

  • Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever and their decision cycles are very complex
  • Marketing and Sales MUST work together to codify a deep understanding of all stakeholders involved in buying decisions and the influences that shape the path to purchase
  • Content must be disruptive and must reach the right person at the right time during the buying cycle
  • Marketing Operations needs to be transparent with Sales Operations to arrive at shared goals for lead flow and conversion and track against those goals on a regular basis
  • Create Buyer Journey Maps to gain a better understanding of stakeholders and complex decision paths
  • Leverage marketing and sales automation tools to gain efficiencies at lead routing and reporting

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Can you provide some examples on the most effective content creation strategies that you have seen currently in the market?

One of the most important things is using a mixture of in-house (internal) and third-party content.

Regardless if the nurture track is complex or simple, SugarCRM tries to follow a process where they provide a mix of in-house and third-party content that validates the claims that ware made and their position in the marketplace.

If you are interested in pursuing a dynamic content strategy make sure to see what other organizations have created content that reinforces or helps to validate your point.

At SugarCRM, analyst reports are used that help focus on any customer wins or specific areas where SugarCRM is meeting the marketplace demand.

In addition, use cases/case studies whether by highlighting a specific customer by name or identifying a customer that is following a very unique process are beneficial. It is important to be able to draw these examples out so to strengthen the position of your product, while proving that your company is versatile and capable of being able to handle a myriad of different use cases.

Ultimately you want to reflect the fact that you are able to support the types of prospects and customers that you are target.

How do you see people responding to different content formats? (i.e. How do people to respond to text in a long vs short format compared to video?)

SugarCRM has a general practice of always trying to embed as much video as possible into emails and landing pages.

Video is a good catalyst to get a viewer to consume the information you send them immediately.  If they consume the video, they are then more likely to read the supporting information.

Over the past year, SugarCRM has seen a tremendous uptick in content consumption as a result of embedding complementary videos.

Is SugarCRM Workflows included with Sugar or is that a separate offering?

SugarCRM recently acquired a company and since has embedded the workflow technology into our Sugar 7.6 Enterprise release. This is not a third-party solution and is actually embedded and native to Sugar.

In addition, there is Sugar 7.6 Workflow that is included in the Professional version of Sugar. This allows for some workflow rules in the base level, but the enhanced version in the Enterprise edition is much more intuitive and enables a lot more advanced functionality.