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Land Title CRM: RamQuest On Demand

by Vanlexus Franks on June 27, 2019

4 minute read

If your business uses RamQuest, then you realize how essential RamQuest data is to your work process. Moreover, you have probably realized how difficult it is to navigate and integrate with CRM. W-Systems realized this too, and so have our clients! This is why W-Systems has partnered with RamQuest to create an integrated CRM Solution built for user adoption. In this blog post, I will uncover how Land Title CRM can benefit you and your business.

What is Land Title CRM?

 Land Title CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that is tightly integrated with RamQuest via their Closing Market platform. 

What did you say gif

That’s right, it allows you to access RamQuest orders/data via CRM. 

How Land Title CRM benefits you :

  1. Maximizes ease of use
  2. Synchronizes key information with RamQuest 
  3. Automates wherever possible
  4. Accessible to ALL employees 
  5. Provides the user with mobile access

User Adoption 

Ease of use is the main priority for Land title CRM. We aim to drive up user adoption by making all information easily accessible through dashboards/action buttons and minimizing the number of keystrokes and clicks as much as possible. 

For example, our dashboards allow you to view reports by user type (i.e Sales Reps, Title Officer, Escrow, and Closing Agent). Moreover, reporting is easier than ever, with all the data loaded into the system, users can independently filter according to location, closing date, referral source, listing info, and more. From there you can near instantly save filters to the system for later use. 

dashboards screen shot

Get In Sync

You are probably wondering what and how what information can be synced with RamQuest. Information syncs via the Closing Market platform, but don’t worry, there is no setup necessary. W-Systems has a built-in integration, which grants you access to order data inside your CRM. This includes order documentation, loan documentation, order notes, and listing information. Another perk is that it provides flexibility on when information syncs which allow you to customize according to the needs of your business.

laptop veiw

Process Automation 

If you want to save time and make your job easier and more efficient, automation is a key component. Land Title CRM focuses on automating workflows and providing notifications for major milestones like fund disbursements, file openings, and more. W-Systems can also review processes on a case by case basis to look for additional areas to automate and therefore save additional time and money.

automation work flow

Access For All

The drill down functionality allows everyone to access Open/Closed orders regardless of their role. Everyone has visibility into:

  • Open orders by Order Type, Referral Contact, and Lender
  • Open Orders with Funding Date
  • Closed Orders by Order Type, Referral Contact and Lender
  • Region & branch performance

The affordability of the Land Title CRM Solution also offers an alternative way to provide access to RamQuest data, at a lower cost, enabling your organization to empower more employees with access to data.

CRM on the Move

In this industry, there is an increasing need for mobile data. Land Title CRM is designed with a variety of mobile-friendly features that provide you access to RamQuest order information on the go, and the ability to track interaction/log calls with clients. Additionally, you will have mobile access to wMaps so you can easily locate clients and make the most of your travel time.


Land Title CRM was designed to help you conserve time, money, and effort by granting you seamless access to Ramquest data within your CRM. If you see the value of employing Land Title CRM for your sales team, request a quote here.

This was written by Vanlexus Franks, a marketing intern at W-Systems in Austin, Texas. She is currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a B.S in Marketing with a concentration in Professional Sales.

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