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Keywords Module in SugarCRM Routes Support Cases

by Katie Liesmann on February 4, 2016

3 minute read

Do you use email to manually route support tickets to the appropriate division or support representative? This was the case with our customer who provides software to the hospitality industry.

This company receives inbound support requests to a support inbox. If one of their customers has a support issue, they simply send an email to (for example). In the past, they had designated employees who managed the inbox and would forward the email to the right representative who could resolve the case, as well as manually save the email to Sugar and associate it with the correlating Account or Contact record.

Our customer came to us requesting that we help them centralize their support system so that it didn’t require so many manual tasks and could use up less of their employees valuable working hours--saving them time and money.

W-Systems built a customization inside their Sugar system which automated their entire support routing process. Today, a custom Keywords Module automatically scans each incoming support request for keywords that most likely indicate what the request is about. The module scans for keywords such as account names, contact names, and common support requests (such as change password, resend invoice, can’t log in, bug, etc.). Then the module uses supporting workflows behind the scenes to route the request to the appropriate rep and automatically archive the email in Sugar with the associated Account. There is also a workflow in place that will notify an employee if the Keywords module can’t determine what the request is about, in which case it’s manually reviewed.

While all this happens behind the scenes, the CRM Admin can manage the keywords from within a Sugar module called “Keyword Manager”. Here, the Admin has the ability to add new keywords they want the module to scan for and also designate what department that keyword indicates the request should be sent to.

  Keywords Module in SugarCRM Routes Support Cases

Using Sugar, our customer was able to centralize their support system and automate the routing process. This has decreased their support costs and turnaround time of support request, resulting in an all-around improved customer support experience. Does this sound like an automated process your company needs? Contact us here to learn more about how Sugar can be customized to automate your processes.

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