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Keyboard Shortcuts for SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on March 29, 2016

3 minute read

Today’s fast-paced technology causes us to want information at the speed of light. If you are a Sugar user, one easy way to access information faster is using Sugar’s keyboard shortcuts. To see what shortcuts are available at any time, look at the bar at the bottom of your Sugar screen and click “shortcuts”. This opens up a list of shortcuts that can be used in the view you are currently in. It’s important to note that the shortcuts available to use vary depending on the view you are in. Be sure to check out available shortcuts in various views throughout Sugar, such as list view, record view, and dashboards.

. Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of our favorite shortcuts in Sugar:

All Throughout Sugar

“S” places your cursor inside the search bar so you can quickly begin a new global search. “C” opens up the create menu so you can quickly create new records.

In Record View

“e” toggles to an edit view for the record you on so you can quickly make changes. “d” deletes a record (but don’t worry it will ask you to confirm first). “Ctrl + s” saves a record. You may recognize this shortcut from other apps such as Microsoft Word. “l” navigates you to the next record. This is really helpful if you created any filters in the list view and want to look through multiple records from that filtered list.

In List View

“a” creates a new record (if you are in the Contact Module list view, it will create a new Contact record).

“f + c” creates a new filter in list view.

“f + i” places the cursor inside the list view search bar for quick searches.

Even advanced users can learn new things about Sugar as new features are released. Go check out the shortcuts in Sugar for yourself and let us know what you think here.