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Internal SugarCRM Project: Creating Cases in Support Portal

by Eric Wikman on June 14, 2012

3 minute read

We asked our engineering intern, Jim Rybarski, to contribute to our blog and give some insight to the internal projects he’s been working on while at W-Systems. In this last update of the mini-series update, Jim discusses the work he did on the client interface linked to Sugar’s portal. We asked Jim to update the client view and make it more user friendly. Here is what Jim had to say.

Recently I was asked to update a client interface that tied into Sugar's portal. The portal allows companies to grant their contacts access to designated information in their CRM and add records when desired.

The possibilities of the portal are seemingly limitless – you can essentially turn your CRM into a self-service site for several activities and tasks. Clients have the ability to use it to update contact information, submit orders, send complaints, schedule meetings – the list goes on. And since Sugar handles all of the credentials, everything is kept securely and is compartmentalized – contacts can only see information that is related to them as well as information you make available to them.

When our clients have support issues they will typically email us at our support email address, which is received by all W-Systems engineers. Then, we create a case after receiving the support request. However, we wanted to give them another option – the ability to create a support case independently and to track the progress of those cases online. This eliminates a step and streamlines the process.

Getting the portal running was fairly simple. Ours was written in Codeigniter, however because it is basically an extension of the REST API, our options were almost endless. After fixing a few broken paths, updating the API version, and adding a little CSS, our demo portal is ready to go. I

If you have any questions about the portal project or about creating cases in the support portal, please contact us here.