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Integrating Twitter Data with SugarCRM

by Eric Wikman on November 20, 2013

4 minute read

We often ask our engineering team to contribute to our blog and give some insights to the internal and customer projects they work on here at W-Systems. In this week’s mini-series, Software Engineer, Chase Coney, discusses a module he created to integrate our Twitter data in our SugarCRM system.

Here is what Chase had to say about the project:


The module that I am working on is codenamed TIES, which is short for Trends In W-Systems’s Social media. Don’t worry, I am better at programming than naming projects. It is a pretty large project that will tie together a lot of information that is helpful to have with data in our CRM. This will allow us to create metrics and answer questions such as “Was an increase/decrease in social media presence in this given period a factor for x?” It may not seem like a super powerful thing to have, but like it or not, Social Media is playing an increasingly larger part in how companies operate and communicate.

The Vision The vision for this project is to pull and organize the analytics and data from every site/source/product that our company uses to reach people. Some examples that come to mind are LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter. Once we have all of this data in Sugar, we can correlate it with things like Lead Generation and Pipeline Percentages. That will help us with all sorts of analytical questions like, “What is the value of our brand, what is the value of our time being put into Social Media, and which of the Social Media avenues has the most impact on our business?”

Step 1: Twitter The first piece, which I am going to talk about today, is bringing in and developing our first metric - Twitter Data! The first piece to this customization is the actual module in Sugar. This module is installed on W-Systems’s in-house CRM instance and essentially is a place for data regarding our twitter account (collected daily) to reside. It is a pretty simple module that holds information such as Followers, Statuses Posted, and Friends.

Integrating Twitter Data with SugarCRM

This is all analytical data that we used to track weekly via spreadsheets in order to track trends in our Twitter Data. So how does this make it better, it just takes the spreadsheet and makes it a Sugar module? Well, that leads to the second piece of the customization - the Scheduled Job. The thing that really makes collecting this data nice is that you don’t have to actually collect it - it is collected automatically for you once per day via the Scheduler in Sugar. This means that you are going to be pulling the relevant data from Twitter at the exact same time every day - even if you are out of the office.

Integrating Twitter Data with SugarCRM

The next step in this process is going to be introducing a few more data points per day from sources such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Once we have that data, we can create some meaningful charts linking other events in our company to our social media trends. Stay tuned...

This is just the first post from Chase's TIES project. We look forward to learning more about his internal projects with SugarCRM and W-Systems.  

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