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Installing the Outlook Plug-in for SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on July 29, 2016

3 minute read

The Outlook Plug-in for SugarCRM lets users of Microsoft Outlook integrate their email inbox with their Sugar instance. This means users spend less time switching between email and Sugar, and more time building quality relationships. Here is W-Systems’s guide to installing the Outlook Plug-in for Sugar.

How to Install

1. Log in to your Sugar instance.

2. Navigate to your user profile by clicking on the top right user profile icon and selecting “Profile”

User profile

3. Once you are on your User Profile, navigate to the tab labeled “Downloads”. Now click on the link highlighted in blue “Sugar Plug-in for Outlook 2.2.0 to download the plug-in zip file.

Downloads tab

4. After the zip file download is finished, navigate to the folder where it was downloaded to. Double click the zip file to unzip the folder. Once it’s unzipped, open the folder and open up the file called “setup.exe” to begin installation. Walk through the wizard’s self guided steps.

5. After the Outlook Plug-in has been installed, it’s time to connect the plug-in to your Outlook application. Open up your Outlook mailbox.

6. If the installation completed correctly, you should be able to navigate to the tab “Add-ins” from the top navigation bar and click on “SugarCRM Plug-in Settings”.

SugarCRM Plug-in settings

7. Under the tab labeled “General” there is a section titled “Connection”. Enter your Sugar login credentials and instance URL. Be sure to begin the URL with “https://”

Test Connection

8. Test the connection by clicking “Test Connection”. Once the test is successfully completed, you can click “OK” to close the settings window.

We hope your installation was successful! If it wasn’t, here are some things to note. The Outlook Plug-in works only with licensed versions of Sugar (Sugar Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate), and does not work with Sugar Community Edition. The supported versions of Outlook are Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. If you have issues installing the Sugar Outlook Plug-in, you may be using an unsupported edition of Outlook, or your computer may have outdated versions of the Outlook Plug-in already installed. If you have questions or need support, please reach out to us here.

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