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Improved Activity Filtering in wMobile Phone QuickSearch Results

by Lynn Catterson on February 9, 2017

2 minute read

Most wMobile Phone users should be familiar with both the QuickSearch feature at the top of the wMobile phone menu.

The QuickSearch queries several fields at once. By default, it uses Company, Contact, and City, but the fields can be customized.  For more information on customizing the Quick Search fields, please see our previous blog post.

When using the QuickSearch, a list of matching contacts is presented as shown below. From the list, you can start an email draft, call a contact, or view recent Pending and History activities.

Click on either Pending or History to view recent activities. The results page now gives the user the option to filter by user or on a specific type of activity. By default, All users and All activities are selected, so the most recent 10 activities will be displayed. To filter on User, tap in the User field and select a user. To select a specific Activity type, tap in the Activity Type field and select an activity type such as Appointments.

When selections are made, click on Search. The list of activities will be filtered accordingly.

Previously, this ability to filter on activity type was only available when viewing activities directly in the contact detail view.  We hope you find this addition helpful.

Note: This ability to filter the activity type for Pending and History Quick Search results applies to wMobile and above.