How We Execute Content Marketing at W-Systems

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 28, 2015

One of our main goals at W-Systems over the last two years has been to build out our content marketing, particularly focusing on our blogs, newsletters, white papers and case studies.

We have quite a few takeaways from our build out that we have been through and would like to share them here in an effort to start a conversation about the process of content marketing while also marking some of the items that we feel are best practices as you move forward with your own company to start content marketing efforts.

1. Content Marketing is a Continuous Effort

Content marketing has to be treated as a continuous effort just like any other moving piece of your business.  For years at W-Systems, we sporadically authored blog posts when we had time, but it took us bringing on a Marketing Manager to build out our website with valuable continuous content. As you build up a readership your audience will start to expect content from you. It is imperative that your audience starts to see you as a publisher that they know they can go to for timely and accurate information on your topic of specialty.

2. Be a Journalist

The term “content marketing” can be incredibly misleading because as a publisher you should not think of yourself as a marketer, but instead as a journalist.  Each of us is continuously marketed and pitched to, and it gets tiresome very quickly.  Instead, focus on trying to uncover useful information for your audience that has real value while at the same time highlights what your company’s core business is and you will gain and retain a quality audience.

3. Who’s Your Audience?

Write to specific audiences so your cover all possible aspects of your customer base and there is something interesting for everyone and it is evenly distributed. For example, we try to author content aimed at either technical, business or end-user audiences.

4. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

You’ve spent the time and resources to create your content, but don’t think you are just finished after pushing the “Publish” button. Make sure that you spend time thinking about how you can make the most of your content.  For example, when we publish a blog post it is then referred to on our social media channels, used it on our newsletters,  webinars we sometimes even take the content and flesh it out more into a thorough white paper for download.  Think about all of the channels that you have available to make sure to use them all when pushing our content so that everyone will be bound to see it at some point.

5. Evergreen Content

Author content that can stand the test of time and is perpetually relevant. The white paper or presentation that is available to your customers in 2015 should also be just as valuable in 2017.  To do this, keep concepts general without dates and mention items like software version numbers.  While this practice can’t always be followed, it is good to output more content that keeps it in mind.

6. Measure your Results

To stay focused we break down our accomplishments into monthly numeric results.   We maintain a marketing metrics module in SugarCRM where we store information about the results for each month.   We care about articles published, social posts made, website visitors, website visitor conversions, leads generated and the number of social followers.


We have created an infographic that illustrates our content marketing process at W-Systems. Feel free to distribute or use this as inspiration within your own organization. To view full size, click on the “Download the W-Systems Content Marketing Infographic” below. 

Download the W-Systems Content Marketing Infographic

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Sarah Friedlander Garcia
Director of Marketing at W-Systems
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