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How to Use Sugar Market Email Templates in Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on June 10, 2020

4 minute read

Sales enablement is a long-discussed topic, and so is the gap between the sales and marketing departments. But one of the easiest ways to diminish the divergences is by making marketing-related content easily accessible to sales, and Sugar Market has the right tools and features to promote closer collaboration between the two departments. 

There are certain cases when a sales representative might need fast access from their Sugar accounts to email templates. Whether you want to send a quick offer or promote a particular service to a new lead, Sugar Market and SugarCRM offer you the right tools to manage this.

Creating Email Templates in Sugar Market

To use Email templates from Sugar Market to Sugar, you first have to create these in Sugar Market. Use Sugar Market’s Email Builder to personalize, tweak, and change your email copy until you achieve a professional-looking email template. As we mentioned in other blog posts, the Email Builder in Sugar Market offers various personalization options, for both beginner users or tech-savvy marketers, being block-based and offering HTML design options at the same

Sugar Market offers easy email personalization options, for both beginner and tech-savvy marketers.

Once you are happy with your email, make sure to save it as a template to be able to quickly import it to Sugar.

Save your email as template before sharing it with the Sales team.

After you name and decide where the template should be saved, ensure that you make it available for your Sales team as well.

Ensure that you share the template created with the Sales team before saving it.

Accessing Sugar Market Templates to Sugar

With the email template ready to be used, you can now send emails to your leads and contacts in a matter of seconds.

Use the  Sugar Market custom button available in Sugar's record view to get a glimpse into a contact's marketing journey.

The Sugar Market button available in Sugar’s Record View opens a new drawer with your Contact’s marketing journey. However, from the same panel, you can import the Email templates that you have saved in Sugar Market.

The Send Email button allows you to use the email templates created in Sugar Market.

After you decide on the Email Subject, select an email template, and press the Insert Template button.

Ensure to select an email before hitting the Insert Email button.
Press the Insert Email after selecting your template.

The right panel of the Sugar Market drawer allows you to bring your own tweaks to the email template created by your Marketing team if you feel that this is necessary.

Change the email template so it fits your preferences from the right side panel.

Wrapping it Up

You no longer need to worry about collaboration issues between your sales and marketing teams, thanks to Sugar’s seamless integration with Sugar Market. With templates, your Sugar users can easily send professional-looking emails without leaving the CRM!

Want to learn more about Sugar Market’s integration with Sugar? Get in touch with our team!