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How to Track Trustpilot Reviews in Sugar

by Paul Scondac on June 4, 2019

3 minute read

Recently, we joined Trustpilot, one of the largest review websites for businesses worldwide, and asked our consultants to request customer reviews and see how we can improve the services that W-Systems provides. Since our consultants’ days are already busy, we decided to use Sugar and our own customizations to make it as easy as possible to ask for reviews, and to keep score on how many reviews each consultant received.

How did we do it? Read on and find out!

One Button to Request Reviews

As we didn’t want to add a ton of extra work for our consultants, we wanted the review request process to be as simple as possible. Using our Custom Buttons customization for Sugar (included with wTools), we created a button in our Contacts module, called Request Review.

Request TrustPilot Review button in SugarCRM

When clicked, the button triggers a process we designed with SugarBPM that sends an email to the customer on our consultant’s behalf. Note that this email also needs to include your Automatic Feedback Service email provided by Trustpilot.

SugarBPM Process Definition

Logging Reviews and Tallying Score in Sugar

To track our review requests and see which of our customers replied directly in Sugar, the process above also creates a Task and relates it to the contact record. We would then use a filter to check up on these tasks, and updated their description field whenever someone submitted a review.

Records in the SugarCRM Task module

The next step was to build out a leaderboard in Sugar to encourage healthy competition. Using a report and our Drilldown Chart Dashlet (a wTools customization), we added this ranking chart in Sugar:

SugarCRM Report Chart Dashlet to track TrustPilot reviews

Thanks to our consultants and incredible customers, we have received many reviews and are open to any feedback to help us continue improving our business!

In Conclusion

Using Custom Buttons and the Drilldown Chart Dashlet, this internal project was an easy sell to our team of consultants. It doesn’t require them to write extra emails or manually enter data in Sugar—all they have to do is press a button!