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How to Set Up eWitnesses in DocuSign for Your Digitally Signed Contracts

by Mihaela Bulacu on September 25, 2020

4 minute read

Electronic signature offers your business convenience, security, and seamless operations. But there are cases when you might think such solutions don’t cover your business needs, such as requiring witnesses when signing sensitive documents.

DocuSign has you covered. If you have sensitive documents that need to be signed in a witness’s presence, DocuSign allows you to manage this digitally and have legal coverage if disputes regarding the contract, agreement, or deed arise. Let's dive into how you can set up eWitnesses in DocuSign for your sensitive contracts and deeds.

Setting eWitnesses in DocuSign

To use this functionality, go to your DocuSign account and upload the document you want to send for signature with eWitness into a new DocuSign Envelope.

Once your document is uploaded to the envelope, you can set up your recipients.

DocuSign's eWitness function allows you to digitally sign contracts with witnesses.

Just like in any signature scenario within DocuSign, start by filling up your recipient’s name and email address. For their role, make sure to set it up to Sign with Witness. In this case, the eWitness function captures the witness information in the Envelope Details and Completion Certificate. Any potential legal disputes should be quickly solved if they emerge in the future, since DocuSign will save all their details for audit and traceability purposes.

The recipient will have to provide all witness details.

After you send out the envelope to your recipients, they will have to configure their witness's name and email.

DocuSign also offers you the option to add more witnesses to a single recipient. To manage this, press the More button and select Add more recipients.

Witnessing Electronically Signed Contracts and Documents

When using this functionality, the recipient must provide the witness information: email address, name, and a message for them. They will then receive on their email address an invitation to witness the document signature process.

The witness will receive an email with all the steps they must follow.

To witness the signature process, the designated witness will have to fill in the identification fields, such as their occupation and address. If they have a DocuSign account, they have quick access to the envelope and all details from their accounts, without having access to the signed document. 

As a sender, you will have access to all information provided by each witness from your DocuSign account.

All information will be captured by DocuSign.

DocuSign’s advanced signature actions can be customized to fit your business needs, no matter how specific. It can also be integrated with SugarCRM, Microsoft Word, or other tools and enhance your document automation capabilities.

Wrapping It Up

No matter your eSignature needs, you can rest assured that DocuSign caters a solution for your business. 

Want to learn more about signing business deeds with virtual witnesses, or does your business have specific signature scenarios? Get in touch with us; we're DocuSign pros!

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