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How to Send Contracts for Signature Without Leaving Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on April 21, 2020

6 minute read

Some of the most successful sales teams are technology-savvy — according to this study, tech leaders generate higher revenue and profits. Regardless of your company’s degree of digitalization, it makes sense to invest in the tools and systems that can facilitate contract management workflow and eliminate manual labor, with the help of eSignature tools. 

Our Sugar Connector to DocuSign allows you to quickly send contracts for signature without leaving your CRM system. Here is our step-by-step guide that will show you how to make the most of our extension and close deals faster!

Streamlined Document Workflow

Let’s say you have a prospect interested in your products or a substantial opportunity ready to close a deal, and you want to present them with a quote or contract. Without leaving Sugar, you will be able to choose your quote and send it to your prospect for review and signature. Sugar Connector to DocuSign gives you quick access to signature actions from each document’s action menu, in the Documents subpanel, but also from the DocuSign Dashlet, and lets you improve company-wide document workflow. Let’s see how you can send documents for signature in a matter of minutes.

Sugar Record View Documents subpanel with the three DocuSign signature actions for files.

Quick Signature Actions

Our Sugar Connector to DocuSign enables you to quickly send documents to signature, with the three actions that will be added to the Action Menu of a document in the Documents subpanel in record view after installation, but also from the DocuSign dashlet which you can set up for your Sugar in Home view, List view, and Record view. 

The Send with DocuSign and Quick Send with DocuSign actions from the Documents subpanel follow a fairly similar workflow, with the only difference that the Quick Send with DocuSign does not support the In-Sugar Experience, while Send with DocuSign action does.

If you opt for the action that supports the In-Sugar Experience, the integration will open the envelope from Sugar without sending a notification email, so you don’t have to leave your CRM.

The Send with DocuSign action with the In-Sugar Experience feature. The Send with DocuSign action with the In-Sugar Experience feature.
The Quick Send with DocuSign action without the In-Sugar Experience feature. The Quick Send with DocuSign action without the In-Sugar Experience feature.

The Add to DocuSign action, however, adds the selected document to the DocuSign Dashlet for faster interactions with our signature integration.

The Sugar Connector to DocuSign dashlet in record view.

The five tabs available on the DocuSign dashlet in Record View will give you a better overview of the status of your contracts and business documents. You’ll have access to a counter for each envelope status, notes for each envelope with the name of the document, the user who generated it, and the creation date, any envelope drafts that you may have created, and a tab that allows you to quickly create new envelopes.

If you click on the Add to DocuSign, the document you plan to use gets added to the DocuSign dashlet. From there, you can send it for signature with the Send or Quick Send buttons available in the dashlet.

The DocuSign daslet with new envelopes in view.
the Select Signer Recipients drawer in Sugar

After selecting the recipient and sending the document for signature, wait for the reviewed and signed version. 

Seamless Integration with Sugar

Our DocuSign integration also creates notifications in Sugar as your documents progress through each signing stage and status, eliminating the need to switch tabs, or constantly watching your inbox for updates.

Sugar Connector to DocuSign in-Sugar notifications.

You can check the status of each envelope processed by your Sugar contacts from the  Notifications module.

The Notifications module in Sugar, with Sugar Connector to DocuSign notifications.

Improved Visibility into the Sales Process

In addition to allowing you to manage paperwork directly from within Sugar, our Sugar Connector to DocuSign also lets you keep track of the sent documents, such as contacts, proposals, quotes, and virtually any document requiring a signature. 

Your documents sent via DocuSign eSignature can be found in the DocuSign Envelopes module.

The DocuSign Envelopes module in Sugar.

You can also create new envelopes directly from Sugar by pushing the Create button. 

Final Thoughts

Implementing and adopting electronic signature tools and systems is one of the few ways that will help you, as a sales representative, accelerate the sales cycle and adopt a proactive mindset in terms of administrative tasks. Not to mention how many trees you’ll save on the way! 

Interested in DocuSign and our integration with Sugar? Don’t hesitate to contact us!